Weddings Part 1: Theme

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The inspiration board I made for my wedding. Birds & Feathers, Aqua & Pink! I even have a clipping from lining from the suits and swatches of the bridesmaids dresses and sash.

With the absolutely overwhelming choices out there, deciding what you want for your wedding can feel a daunting task. And once you make a decision, it can seem even harder to stick to it! I felt the hardest thing about wedding planning is making decisions! If you have had a day where you can’t decide what you want, but have definitely decided what you don’t want, do not feel discouraged… this is definitely progress!

A must have on my list for wedding planning is an inspiration board. Long in use by designers of all sorts, inspiration boards allow you to visualize the look of your design. It allows you to test a new element to see the effect and determine whether it fits into your overall vision. More photos after the jump


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One year ago (already!) my parents walked me down a path to meet my soon-to-be husband surrounded by a circle of friends and family. I planned my wedding myself, and the VAST majority of it was DIY. In honour of that lovely day, and to share with the world what I learned about the rapidly growing field of DIY weddings, I’ll be posting a 3 part series about weddings.

The first will be about the importance of a theme and the best ways to choose and stick to your theme, the second will be about stationery & decoration, and the third will be about fashion, and all while sticking to a very tight budget!

Introducing Laelia Norelle

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Laelia Norelle, Day 2

Born at 8:40 am on April 17, 2010, after a long and all natural labor at home w/ my midwifes, and then a transfer to the hospital after 5 hours of pushing, fully medicated vacuum extraction by my awesome back up OB (glad I researched as much as I did!). Not exactly the home birth we were hoping for, but it was a wonderful experience, her tilted head included! She even still tilts her head back quite frequently, and it makes me consider how this tendency of hers is why we had to go to the hospital in the last hour!

I’m just getting used to how to handle daily life with a newborn, and now I’m making a goal to write her birth story and a new (non-baby related) blog post by next week! Also, I want to officially come up with a name for my Etsy site and get that set up as well, and I want to start pulling tears and inspiration for my print line. I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing all of this with a baby strapped to my front! All right! I need to squeeze some more work outs in too! I can’t stand not being able to wear my old jeans. >.<

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