My Talented MIL

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Yesterday, we got a surprise package from Laelia’s Gma in the mail with this beautiful hand painted diaper stacker and a fun baby duck vintage crib sheet that I’m guessing was once her father’s or one of her uncles’ or aunt’s. She came on her annual summer visit to Los Angeles about a month ago. Although she stayed with her parents, we did get to see her quite a bit which was nice. She brought a quilt she made for Laelia, which I have been meaning to show off here for a few weeks now! I’m loving how much it matches her furniture, and I’m thinking it will be the starting point for her room when she’s a bigger little girl. Anyway, before Gma left she asked me for a swatch of the square dance fabric for reference for something she was planning to make. I am guessing she used it for reference for the art she did on the diaper stacker, but I LOVE how I can see her style in it too! She has done a lot of decorative work on furniture and ceramics, and her pieces are scattered throughout her rather large extended family and about her own home, so I’ve come to the point where I can recognize something she’s painted pretty easily. I’m convinced she could do textile prints! I think I’ll use her works for inspiration for a line one day…

Making my own ring sling!

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So, I have four carriers for Laelia; a hand-me-down baby bjorn, a moby wrap, an ergo, and a New Native sling. Needless to say, we (mom, dad and baby) all love baby-wearing! It really is a life saver around the house and while out running errands. Even out on day trips to Disneyland, the beach or a museum! We really only use two; the Moby and the Ergo. The Ergo is more ergonomically safe for both the wearer and the wearee than the bjorn, and the New Native I have is a size large, and feels too big for both me and my husband. The moby is just so warm and cozy and it was especially great when she was brand new. However, the moby is a bit of an event trying to put it on, and the Ergo, while easier to put on than the Moby, still feels difficult to put on while already holding baby. Both are rather bulky. I feel like a ring sling would be easier to put on while holding Laelia and also be less bulky, making it easier to stash in the diaper bag. Not to mention, Ring Slings look oh-so-pretty on! Thus began my search for a ring sling… and I realized, even if the prices are not a complete turn off, it just seems so easy to make! And, I’ll be able to get the exact one I want, not just settle for what’s available (which, incidentally, is almost always my reason for making something. I just can’t find what I really want).

There are a ton of tutorials and free patterns out there! Even the maya wrap website has a tutorial. Now I just need to figure out how I want to sew the shoulder, and what fabric I want to use. I’m so excited!

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