Introducing in Flore!

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So, remember the other day when I mentioned my sister’s suggestions for an Etsy site? The latin term in Flore really spoke to me! It’s about flowers and it means “in bloom” and I feel like my life is blooming right now. :) So, I decided to just GO WITH IT, instead of doing what I always do, which is hesitate until I think it’s perfect. I’m feeling like I will never get anything done if I just wait around for everything to be perfect. Perfection is overrated, isn’t it??

I only listed the ELO poster and made a pretty banner, but it’s exciting all the same. Please visit! (click the banner) <3

What have I been up too?

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So, how do I figure out how to blog regularly? I wish this came a little bit more naturally then it has. Some things come to me quite naturally; the way something should look, drawing, cleaning, organizing… But blogging has not come as naturally as I thought. I guess it’s one of those things I need to just dive into a little bit more… I would like to post more about my WIP instead of just finished projects, but I guess this is a WIP too! I’m still not in love the the format of this blog, but I’m also still trying to figure out what I want it for. I recently joined ravelry (find me here!), and I love the idea of having “queued projects” which is actually partly what I was using this blog for anyway, but it’s nice to realize how useful that will be. I think it would be neat to have a widget of the projects I’m working on and their status on the sidebar of this blog at some point. You know, whenever Tyler gets some time to actually work on this thing. =/

Invites for Beth’s shower

So what have I been up to lately? I’m still finishing up the many pillows I hope to send off to the WonderCraft and sell on Etsy at some point. I’m still thinking of names for my Etsy site, but I decided that if I don’t have a name by the time I have enough product, I’ll just be using some form of my name + design/studio/etc. My sister was coming up with some cool stuff the other day, so I’m motivated to not use my own name again. :) I also designed and assembled invitations for my friend’s baby shower coming up in October, and I just had so much fun doing it! I’m definitely adding custom invites to my list of services/products to my Etsy account. This is the fourth invitation I’ve designed in the last year, and I figure if I enjoy it so much, I might as well try to make some money from it! I also plan on selling some posters (particularly the poster I made for Laelia), so I’m thinking maybe I need a new printer. But then I feel like I would benefit from a new camera too (SLR prz!), and who knows where all this money is going to come from… I’ve also knit Laelia a cute little shrug and matching baby janes. Well, I guess that’s what I’ve been up to lately!

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