It’s a boy! Shower invites

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Beth loved the invitations I made for her California baby shower that she asked if I would do them for her Texas shower too! I’m very flattered, as she as her own successful stationery business. :) Anyway, this was way fun, but WAY more work as there were 50 people on the guest list! Also, I made a little insert about where to find her cloth diapers in Austin. I made the envelope lining out of recycled wrapping paper this time (all from wedding gifts! I’m telling you, being that weird person that folds up their wrapping paper instead of throwing it away has it’s perks…), and I bought some beautiful stamps from the post office– I was thinking of designing my own again, but I rather liked the ones from the post office. They are nice, aren’t they? So hard to find a beautiful stock stamp…

I’m a huge typography-phile. Is that a word? Probably not. Spell check is setting the word aflame with it’s incorrectness. Whatever, I flippin’ LOVE FONTS! While doing this artwork I fell hard for Nuetraface. Sometimes, I find serif fonts just SO BORING and Nuetraface is anything but. It evokes a certain era, amiright?

Yes, it’s the DMV font.

Also, it’s the font I associate with Charley Harper, and since the bird artwork I did was inspired by his work (a little disney, a little CH), I thought it was a good fit.One day, this big fat book will be sitting on my coffee table. Or underneath it. ❤ I hope I can keep making invitations and posters and the like–I just love typography SO MUCH that it pains me not to use it any chance I get.

… and here is a little something to get stuck in your head:

Neutra Face : An Ode to a typeface

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