Pillows on sale at the wondercraft!

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In the middle of the night sometime ago, I had a vision to make pillows out of the large squares from the left over square dance panels I had. I kept thinking they needed something else, some other detail, like tassels or something. Then I remembered all the teal/ocean colored yarn I have which helped me recall how much I loved Rose Hip’s crochet edged pillow cases! So I thought I would try to make a little edging on these pillows and I think they came out great!!

Amy Butler’s Nigella Print

I’m proud to say that I sent off some of my pillows to be sold at the wondercraft in Austin, TX. The wondercraft is the brainchild of 4 Austin-ites, one of whom happens to be my bestie (Beth, whom I think I’ve mentioned about a million times already!). :)

Taken from their website:
The WonderCraft exists to help everyone achieve a more creative lifestyle. The WonderCraft’s mission is to propagate daily creativity and passion for its staff, students, local artists and patrons, by way of mobile classes, creative parties and events, and one-of-a-kind, artistic products. These services and products will be offered through a combination of shared space belonging to local businesses and an eye-catching, vintage trailer that travels wherever the need for artistic expression exists. We hope that our iconic Airstream trailer will inspire wonder and leave a trail of creativity in its wake. Classes and events put on by The WonderCraft will be places where local artists can refine their own skills and teach others; where those who don’t yet consider themselves “artists” can find the artist within and reach their creative potential; where creative problem-solving and independent thinking are championed; where reusing, re-purposing and upcycling are the basis of a sustainable, earth-friendly, crafty business; all with the ability to travel wherever the students are.

They run a boutique out of the airstream, where my pillows will be sold. I have to tell you I’m just excited to have some of myself out there in the world! I just want to be making even the tiny-est impact on the world right now–I love being at home with Laelia, but I do have to feel like I’m doing something! If you are in Austin, please check them out!

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