New Pillows available at in Flore!

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I finished a few pillows this weekend, and listed them on Etsy. Every time I plan a photoshoot in my head I envision lovely wide shots and beautiful natural light and lots of neat architecture and furniture and coordinating props… and I always end up crashing back down to reality. Especially because the last two times I’ve shot my pillows, it was raining — you can take amazing photos in the rain, if you are outside. Rainy days just mean I have a hard time getting enough light through my living room windows to get a good shot, but I did the best I could with my point-and-shoot with a wonky auto-focus. Anyway, here they are!

I love this pattern, it’s so simple and yet adds so much interest. These fabrics are from AMH’s drawing room, which is essentially all over my living room, except  in the rose & ivory colorways. I debated back and forth about adding the crochet edging to this; I didn’t want to overdo it, and two of my girlfriends said it was great without, so I left it be. If anyone thinks these NEED the crochet, please let me know in the comments!

I bought this fabric (Amy Butler’s primrose in lime, from the Nigella home decor collection) 2 and a half years ago when Tyler and I moved in and I was just starting to decorate our place. I ended up falling in love with AMH’s drawing room fabrics and went with those instead, so I have had this beautiful fabric waiting around to be sewn up for sometime! I do love how it came out. It has a great feel to it.
This pillow was a little experiment I did the end of last year, and it was a lot of work! This is Amy Butler’s French Wallpaper in Duck Egg, from the Belle fabric collection. I have a ton of this fabric! I think I bought like 3.5 yards, and I used it to make a curtain in the bathroom and it has become beautifully faded, I’m excited to find just the right use for it… and I made a french memo board I’ll post here someday featuring it. I bought it when I was planning my wedding which essentially had this color scheme. Speaking of, the taffeta fabric once was a table runner at my wedding! :)

So, I have a few more Square Dance pillows in the sweet colorway I’m going to sew up over the next week, but I’m really hoping to get a few parts of my portfolio posted, and maybe add a few more features to this blog here. Then I’ll start in on all the illustrations and watercolors I have in my head. Am I starting to do that mom thing? You know, where right before you get off the phone (in this case, sign off) your mom repeats what she’s about to do, and you know its much more for her sake than for yours?… yeah, I’m totally doing that. xoxo

Friday Inspiration: Confetti System

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About a week and a half ago, Laelia turned 9 months old, and someone mentioned I should start planning her first birthday party. That was a bit of a shock! I was just thinking about how my baby will be a year old! I’m sort of at a loss of what to do, but I guess that’s part of this whole chapter of our lives. First it was the bridal shower, then the wedding, then baby showers, and now kids birthdays to plan! I honestly don’t know where to start, but I think I just found my first bit of inspiration!

@_@ I like shiny

Confetti System is the brain child of Julie Ho and Nicholas Andersen. Check out their Tumbler. They have been featured all over the web (the selby has some great in-studio shots) and so now I’m feeling very dense for only just discovering them.  I’ve been seeing their work around (and loving it) with out realizing where it came from. They did the j.Crew holiday displays, and that line of party hats and banners that is new at Urban Outfitters? Well, they did that too. I predict this to be HUGE in wedding design. I mean, it’s a lot of work, but it is cheap to DIY! My problem (like many’s) is that I LOVE event design, especially having worked in the field, but I’m also really really into being frugal right now so we can eventually buy a house (*dreams off wistfully into space*). However, I’m no stranger into putting wayyy to many hours into something just to save a penny or two, and neither is the ever growing DIY bride crowd. What I particularly like about this is how it’s made with traditional party decoration material, but it looks beautiful. It is beautiful like, permanent-installation-in-my-home beautiful. This is just tissue garlands, sparkles, confetti, and piñatas, but you can’t find this stuff on any of the 100 aisles at your local party store (seriously, who signs off on the tacky stuff at those places?). It also makes a great prop, which means it will photograph well! Oh, I gotta find a good camera for this first birthday now! And start thinking of invites… and party dresses… and cupcakes. :)

Oh! I just discovered they have a shop. How I wish I could afford to spend $130 on a beautiful garland! For now, I’ll just have to let them inspire me.

(images: Confetti System)

New Pillows in progress!

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New pillows in progress!

So, for the last two days and foreseeable future my living room is covered in sewing fallout. I’ll be quite happy to stock these in my etsy shop soon! I recently made listings for custom portraits and for custom invitations, but stay tuned for some invitation & game packs and some new illustrations and posters! I’ve also been thinking about making another baby quilt. I (finally) made a flickr account last Monday, and Laelia’s quilt has been very well received. I am so entirely flattered, especially because it is my first quilt and Anna Maria Horner herself gave her compliments. (I’ve previously covered my love for all things Anna). Now I’m just kicking myself for waiting so long to start a flickr! It was on my to-do list since October…

I also got a call from my favorite old boss to do some potential freelance plush design. I really hope it works out! Designing plush is something I really miss, almost as much as I miss designing costumes! A few of the items I’ve designed were photoed in the nursery post, if you’d like to check them out. So this weekend I’ll be putting together my plush portfolio, and maybe wash kitty–Kitty has been Laelia-loved-on. Getting my portfolio together has been on my to-do list for a year, and since I’ve been in such a productive state lately, I think there is no time like the present to get that done! Also, in addition to adding a portfolio page to this blog, I’d like to add an apartment tour, hopefully in the next couple of weeks  (but if this freelance works out, it will most certainly be delayed). 2011, I’m feeling good about you so far.

The Wonder of Nature Baby Shower

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Saturday I went to a beautiful baby shower for a very close friend of mine, Becky (whom also happens to be my husband’s cousin’s wife, and as his immediate family are all in another state, he acts as a surrogate brother, which has made her my surrogate sister-in-law). Her awesome babysitter threw the shower, and I insisted on doing the invitations. The inspiration came from some  nature journal artwork the mom-to-be had found, that I then ran through photoshop to delete the text and get some pure whites, and then added some distressing and put at 50% opacity. The script font I used is Alejandro Paul’s (my favorite contemporary typographer) Adios, and the serif font I used is currency which is essentially the font used in U.S. currency. I wanted the typography to posses both a feminine whimsy while still remaining true to the original vintage nature journal inspiration. I added a vignette within a border to anchor the artwork and finish it off.The hostess is going to put together a little scrapbook for her, so she wanted a little card we could all fill out with questions like “How do you know the mother to be”, and “Where did you travel from” and “What are your wishes for (insert names here)”.  I saw a cute example with a space for a photograph of the honoree, and I figured, OH I might as well draw it to stick with the aesthetic. :)  (it kinda looks like the drawings on money, huh?) Since she is having twins (!) and their names are Azalea and Iris, I thought I’d  find some nature journal artwork of those flowers and include them too.

Finally, I made a game sheet with the Disney game I made for Beth’s shower (on a side note, maybe I need to make this easier… way less people know these than I expected! And I purposefully added movies from the 50′s and the 70′s for the older crowd…), and the hostess gave me a game called “twins babble” which was cute. We also did “celebrity baby” and included pictures of the Becky’s three (already earth-side) children, in which she guessed a picture of her son Ocean was actually Laelia, and we joked because it is the exact picture she sent me a few months ago saying something like “Ocean looks just like Laelia here!”. Then we ate yummy lemon cake and drank champange from pretty little glasses, and watch her open presents (lots of socks, outfits x 2, and cloth diapers).

Naturally Inspired

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I’ve been working on some stationery for a baby shower inspired by nature journals and Shakespeare’s play, A Midsummer’s Night Dream. Firstly, I’d like to state that I’m not really a fairy person. Meaning, I’m not drawn to images of fairies,  I wouldn’t look twice at a fairy figurine, and tinkerbell is definitely not my favorite Disney character (quite frankly, sometimes she downright annoys me). Usually, when it comes to fairys, butterflies, rainbows, etc. it can get really tacky really fast (just imagine every 11 year old girl’s sketchbook or an array of the worst deviant art accounts you’ve seen). However, that is not to say that it can’t be done right, as I discovered when I was doing some research for this event. When it is done right, as Elizabeth Messina and Tricia Fountaine did below, it is truly understandable why so many poorly made imitations are out there…

I was floored when I saw these images. Every minute detail has been taken into account, everything is gloriously whimsical. It’s enough to make you wish you were a fairy, living in the forest, without a care in the world.

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