Visual Vocab’s new look!

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Hi all! We have a new look here at Visual Vocabulary! There are still some kinks to be worked out, but I just love the way it makes my photos pop and I couldn’t stand staring at that giant ugly black search bar on my old theme anymore. So I started to make small “easy” changes that Tyler could program for me, but then I just kept seeing other changes I wanted to make…

My original inspiration came from my attraction to motif of color bands, which I once wrote about. I had some bands of color coming down from the top of the page at an angle of 60°, and  I was just going to put them in the background and then call it a day. But then when i looked at it more closely, it seemed perfect for navigation! And that meant I’d have to get Tyler on board, lol. My husband is the lead developer at Geyrhalter Design & Co. and he’s been really busy lately! But he said  he’d help out (how could he not!). Of course we end up bickering when we work on projects together. I haven’t done much web design, and even if I’m internet/computer savvy, I really don’t think anyone is as savvy as a computer programmer. I don’t know all the terms and lingo, and a lot of elements get reduced to “that thingy at the top”. I did, however, learn what a favicon is!

Anyway, I’m sure that my design isn’t nearly as good as the designs hubs is used to working with, but it’s the first web design I’ve done that I’ve been excited and confident about. What’s more, is I’m sure I’ll grow to dislike it soon enough, and I’m very excited about that because it will mean that I have learned a lot more about web design! Isn’t that what’s funny about artists and designers? We look forward to when we don’t like our past work! As Jeffrey Zeldman says “If your old work doesn’t shame you, you’re not growing.”

You can especially see the inspiration here... (images: Orange Beautiful)

Anyway, back to my design process here. I was playing around w/ my color bands, and I rotated the bands until they were horizontal, but they were cut off at an angle, and then I copied & flipped horizontal, and it made a “V” shape and I thought “well, that’s cool. The blog is named visual vocabulary after all”. So, that’s how the V-shaped navigation came about. :)

I was/am also working on a new header. I drew out something I rather love on paper, but haven’t managed to transfer it digitally into something I feel good about yet. I think I have a lot more to learn about illustrative wording before I can do this properly.

My grandfather and my mother in law both did signage for a living! I wish I could bug my grandfather about it, but I think perhaps I’ll just talk about it with my MIL when she next visits us. So, instead, Tyler made a neat header for me that I think will work until I get this finished! There are still a few kinks to be worked out, but I’m happy to share our new look! :)


Stripe Mania

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Woo! Holly from decor8 and her friend Igor are having a virtual meet & greet via twitter, but you gotta wear a striped shirt. /wave! This is a silk striped shirt KNT by Kova & T from UO. :) We love stripes in this family, if you can’t tell by Laelia’s outfits and even the last photo I posted of my hubs! :)

Keeping up

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Today’s post comes from a place of annoyance that I haven’t been keeping up with blogging as much as I’d like to, but that is because of a few reasons:

  • Editing my wedding photos is a much bigger project than I expected. No it’s not. I expected it to be a huge project, but it’s just taking a long time, and I wish it wouldn’t. I think it’s about an hour per photo! I bet a lot of photo editors use a lot of actions or something, but I just like to have more control than that. I wanted them done by our anniversary, and that  woooshed by. Now I’d really just hope I can have them done by the end of June. That being said, does it all need to be one post? Idk.
  • My new-to-me camera is in the shop. I bought it 3 weeks ago, and it’s been giving me error 99  messages, and I finally drove down to the walk up Canon service center in Irvine yesterday (I’d like the 4.5 hours of driving time back, plz. Thanks. It’s less than 60 miles from my house! Yeesh). The lens doesn’t do error 99 w/ other bodies. The body doesn’t do error 99 w/ other lenses. Only when together. Hopefully they figure it out. But I can’t finish my DIY tissue tassel garland until I get my camera back. :(
  • I’ve been doing all sorts of paperwork and legal stuff to get our finances in order. Getting official documents, (finally!) changing my name, new bank accounts on the horizon…. You know, all the boring stuff that comes w/ being a “responsible” adult.
  • We may or may not be moving. For a little bit more money (and a move north of Ventura Blvd. & west of the 405) we might be able to get a lot more bang for our buck. If it all works out, there will be a lot of posts about new rooms and new projects here, I can assure you. :)
  • I’ve been sleeping at night. This totally affects my blogging because typically I work on photos and designs and blog posts between the hours of 11pm and 4am. However, I’m not exactly upset about sleeping at night. I’ve struggled w/ insomnia off and on my whole life.
  • My husband and I have been playing our old favorite MMORPG (FFXI) in an effort to spend more time interacting w/ each other. We both love video games (we met when we were working as testers), and we have always agreed that sitting on a couch watching TV is not something you really do as  a team. But playing a game like this requires a lot of cooperation and communication, and we’ve been playing it together for almost SIX years! It’s probably strange to someone who doesn’t play video games, but this is very nostalgically romantic for us, lol.
  • Laelia is getting to an age where she needs lots of activities. She frequently holds on to the front or back door and whines until we can go outside… We’ve been  having a lot more little day trips lately. :) We also renewed our Disneyland season passes, and have been 4 times in the last month!

So, really, it’s just the typical juggle of family and house and personal needs. But I don’t expect to ever abandon this blog, so even if I’m absent a few weeks, I guess there is always something brewing behind the scenes. I think I should also open myself up to blogging more about the things that inspire me again.

Anyway, here’s a few photos of what I’m working on and what I have been up to. There can’t be a post w/o photos! :)

A trip to Disneyland w/ Gigi and Aunt Kristina. Most pics are in Tomorrowland. :) I had just bought my new-to-me camera!

Laelia loves the carousel and vanilla soft serve. :)

Happy Birthday Alan! We <3 converse.

The nursery/office. I was planning on entering this into the Ohdeedoh contest, but the room is 10 sqft too big! I’m working on a room tour still. :)

The tissue garland tutorial; 100% inspired by confetti system! On hold until my camera gets back from the shop.

I know I’ve got a few wedding photos up, but it will be a fun (and huge) feature. :) A long WIP.

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