A color muse

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This is my bestie, Jaymee. We met in high school and we became very close in our AP art class. She was one of my bridesmaids, and definitely occasionally assists me w/ my little photo shoots for this blog, or whatever other creative endeavor I have going on. I see her at least once a week, usually on “totally” Tuesdays, and we go to Trader Joes and she updates me on our circle of friends. (Being the only one in this circle who is married or has a child, we don’t get out as often as we used to). More photos after the jump

Tissue Tassel Garland Tutorial

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After many MANY requests from readers and friends alike, I am finally finished with the tissue garland tutorial! There are a few tutorials out there, but mine is slightly different. I don’t know if one way or another is the best way, but I’ll try to address the tiny details to push the look that much further. More photos after the jump

A Laelia Outfit #10

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I love this little outfit. It seems so fitting for a summer barbecue, doesn’t it? The dress is from Target, the adorable little black ballet shoes are from Old Navy, and the hand knit little shrug I made myself, and is the same one I used in a Laelia outfit #7. A little hair clip on the shrug finishes it off!

Zoey’s First Birthday!

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Welcome to Zoey’s first birthday post! I’m sure you remember my friend Andy whom I introduced you to in my post about her and her work, and who took photos of Laelia’s birthday for us. Well, we essentially did a little trade, and I took photos of her sweet daughter’s birthday party! This was my first experience ever photograph-ing an event. I don’t really consider myself a photographer–I don’t know a lot of the technical stuff that goes behind it. I only somewhat understand how the camera works. BUT, I certainly know how to use photoshop and I’m definitely an image-maker, so I think it worked out well enough! I’ve discovered recently that I really love photography, and photo styling, I just didn’t realize how much until I started blogging!It’s probably needless to say, but I was in heaven shooting this party. Everywhere I looked there was an awesome frame to be made! Andy and her husband Danny, with the help of their family and friends, put a lot of effort into this special day for Zoey. I asked Andy a few questions so we can hear from her directly! More photos after the jump

You’re invited to Zoey’s first birthday

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Please join me next week, when I will be featuring Zoey’s first birthday party! I had the honor of photographing her party, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Here is what Zoey’s momma,  Andy Richards has to say about these amazing invitations:

I designed in illustrator, printed them myself and then cut all of the teeny-tiny, teensy-weensy flags out and hung them on their own twine banners :). Then, along with my sister-in-law, Josey, we stitched each invitation onto a piece of burlap. There is something so fun about mixing textures. I think it gives an invitation so much character! Since the party was going to be in our backyard, I really wanted to convey a fun, laid-back mood for the celebration and burlap gave the invitations the cozy kinda feeling that i hoped for. :)

We lined each envelope with bright, colorful patterns and colors. All of the fabric and paper I used were in my collection already, so besides a couple spools of thread, I didn’t have to buy anything! The garden of love forever stamps debuted just in time to send the invitations out and they added the perfect touch.


Aren’t they awesome!? I adore them!

If you’d like to hire Andy to design you an invitation, please check out her etsy shop! She’s also selling this design as a printable. :)

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