Baby boy, Baby girl, Baby Buggie

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Here is the third installment of the series of photographs I did for Beth Albrecht of Paired Hearts (and the WonderCraft). These are for a baby shower where the honoree was expecting twins!  Since she was having  a boy and a girl, Beth played off of a primary pastel color pallet and the baby’s names are on the vintage buggies (Axton for the boy, and Lorelei for the girl). There is a machine stitched detail which attached the raffle ticket which was included with every invitation. Beth also created custom coordinating envelopes for this set. How sweet!


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There’s nothing like an impromtu photo shoot to remind you of the opportunities to make memorable images that present themselves to you on a daily basis. Laelia has taken to thinking the yoga mat is her play rug. When I went to work out, I saw an array of spilled crayons and her little self rolling around on the floor. I immediately grabbed my camera. I know I have rose colored mommy glasses, but I’m pretty sure she is one of the cutest babies ever.

Paired Hearts: Erin + Jonathan

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This second set of invitations from Paired Hearts was inspired by the couple’s trip to Europe, during which they fell in love. The colors certainly evoke a resort mood, and the lampost motif is inspired by a photograph from their amorous trip. So sweet! What a great idea to make an invitation truly unique and meaningful. This set also features Beth’s calligraphy work.