A Laelia outfit #22

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This is the second outfit from our trip to Underwood Farms.

Chambray Dress: Old Navy
Striped Long Sleeved Tee: Old Navy
Chevron Caplet: Missoni for Target. (Thanks auntie Beth! Obviously, I couldn’t get my hands on anything, as every Target in So Cal was sold out of everything, WORSE than what happened to me with Liberty… /sigh.)
Boots: iWalk 

Vintage Library Baby Shower

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I’m so excited to announce that I have my first official job as an event designer! I worked at an event design company when I was in college, and I’ve always considered it as a career path, but I was a little wary of trying to start a business with no clientelle. But I always thought if something came my way, I would jump at the chance! And it just so happens that a client of my mother’s needed help with her DIL’s baby shower, so my mother suggested me, and violá! To my delight she wanted a book themed baby shower, and anyone who knows me or regularly reads my blog knows how much I love decorating with books, so I’m overflowing with ideas! I thought I would share with you a little of what I have come up with for the decor!

Figure 1) Vintage Children’s Books: A vintage book themed baby shower must have vintage baby books! Good thing I have a few myself! But I’ll be on the hunt for a few more to add to the collection.
(photo: Cassia Beck @ søciety6)

Figure 2) Walls covered in book pages: I don’t think I can starch the hostess’ actual walls, but I’m thinking more like large boards or a triptych of some sort.
(photo: Ruche)

Figure 3) Cake stands on top of books: We all know I love cake stands, right? And I love simple cakes with awesome accessories, so as an alternative to the obvious-but-potentially-cheesy cake shaped like a book, I think this will be just right! I’m also thinking maybe a little text transfer on the cake…
(photo: Jessica Monnich Photography
cake: CoCo Paloma Desserts
wedding Planner: Events by Emily
want to see more of this event?: stylemepretty)

Figure 4) Globes! All good libraries have globes, right?
(photo: Lackluster Co. @ Etsy)

Figure 5) Mini book cake bunting: Zomg, so cute! Put on top of a simple cake and we’re done!
(photo: Jenny B)

Figure 6) Flower Page Garland: All parties need garland. I’ll mix the page garland with some other colored garland as well. 
(photo: BHG)

Figure 7) Page covered wall behind desert table w/ fringed streamers: I’m thinking this is a good way to use my page boards—at the dessert table!
(photo: JAC Photography
coordination: Jane of Jane: An event design & coordination company
flowers: Sacha of Bloom Custom Floristry & Events
desserts: Sweet & Saucy and also handmade by friends)

Figure 8) Bell Jars, quills, inkwells: I have found some Bell Jars at Home Goods, quills are easy enough to fake with feathers and pens, but inkwells? I need to put my thinking cap on…
(photo: *Bloomingville)

Figure 9) Vintage blocks spelling out baby’s name: For spelling out the new baby’s name. I’m buying the ones from Anthro
(photo: Found via pinterest, but I can’t find the original source! I’d be happy to credit the source if someone can find it!) 

Figure 10) Princess Pea sleeping on stack of books in a bell jar: Just cute. I’d love to come up with other obvious children’s stories to display as a diorama. 
(photo: design*sponge, event design: David Stark)

Figures 11 & 12) Book & page mobile w/ crystal garland: I’m thinking as general decor, but also they would be adorable as little mini ornaments hanging from branches, either as favors, or for guests to write notes for the mommy-to-be!
(photo 1: shop house @ etsy, photo 2: Lauren Michael Studio, event styling: Moria Events)

Figure 13) Circle Page Garland: More garland ideas. Are we over garlands yet? Never! Can’t get enough…
(photo: Found via pinterest, but I can’t find the original source! This is similar. I’d be happy to credit the source if someone can find it!) 

Figure 14) Book Planters: Loved these the first time I saw them, and now I have an event that will force me to make them! We can also fill with paper flowers. :)
(photo: Wednesday, also @ Green Wedding Shoes)

Also, I found this game, which is adorable and spot-on for our book theme!

There are a few other tricks I have up my sleeve for this shower. Check out my pinterest board, Vintage Library Baby Shower for more!

I hope everyone had a wonderful and thankful Thanksgiving yesterday! :)

Painting a Projector Screen

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We have been meaning to paint the wall that our projector projects onto since we moved in to our apartment. Actually, I know Tyler was looking into it when he had his studio on the beach in Venice, so this has been up in the air for  probably about 5 years (not that it would have mattered then since it has moved twice), but I finally got around to it!

Before we switched projector walls this wall had shelves, artwork and a bookcase. I never loved it. =/

Since we switched walls onto a wall that previously housed artwork and some wall shelves, it just needed to be painted, BAD. Projecting onto spackled walls is pretty horrible. We bought a paint kit from eBay for about $30, and set out to paint when it arrived. Okay, so we didn’t actually get around to painting until about 2 weeks after it arrived, but whatevs.

Top photo; Before prep. Projecting onto the spackled wall was driving me nuts!

First Tyler taped off a significantly larger area than the projector uses; we will be painting the walls once we decide on a color, so we wanted to give ourselves a lot of wiggle room. Then we both went over the entire area with some fine sandpaper to get the wall as smooth as possible. Actually, first we bickered a bit about buying some a piece of drywall or some other perfectly smooth surface to paint onto, but we decided it was too much work to do that. Plus it would negate our plans for building a frame. Also, I should note that we don’t want a screen because we don’t want anything fussy like that

Mixing the paint!

The following day I set up to paint while Laelia was napping. The thing about this paint is you have to shake it for five minutes, then mix it for three minutes, and then put the metal flecks in it and mix again for another three minutes or so. Basically, all you are doing is mixing for like 20 minutes of prep—it is a little mind numbing. But in the end the paint has a beautiful soft shimmer in it to help it reflect the light from the projector. Sparkles on my wall!? *swoon*

Halfway through painting. Note how much more rich and saturated the colors are reflecting off of the projector paint!

So I set to painting with the little foam roller and tray they included in the kit, and I think I did like 3 coats. I still have a lot of paint leftover; it says to use the paint in 12 days, so I suppose I’ll have to dispose of it soon enough.

Yay for robust colors!

We plan on building a frame around the are that we will be projecting on (after we paint the rest of the walls in the room with regular paint), so that we don’t have a full blank space on a wall again, so stay tuned for that! Also, I need to work on how to properly light this room before I take more photos in here, so hopefully I will have better photos next time! :)

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19 mos (+ 4 days)

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I always seem to make photos that look like album covers... Should I just do that? A different album cover for each milestone!

So, Laelia turned 19 mos last Thursday, and I would have loved to have made a post on the actual day, but last week was so busy! Not that this week won’t be, but I’m going to get a head start on some blog  posts and I won’t let anything get in the way of the actual paying work I have… (Take that Thanksgiving! OH, who am I kidding, I don’t stand a chance >.<). Anyway, 19 mos? Now we are over the hump and on the way to two years old? Wow.

Not much new from last month, but I’ll try:

At 19 mos Laelia:

- is definitely trying to dress herself. She’s actively trying to make buttons work, has managed to get socks on, shoes on, and is figuring out how to take clothes off. I even found her today with the Ergo draped over her! And a bunch of old watches on both arms! She very successfully puts glasses on now as well. I’m surprised by how early babies do this!
- “reads” to herself and traces words. She’s been doing this for a while, but I forgot to document it last time, and it’s just so darn cute.
- got out of bed the first morning it poured here in L.A., went to the window, opened the curtain, and stared quietly outside for at least 3 minutes. It was very sweet. :)
- is definitely learning to feed herself with more and more skill. Her mess is 3 times smaller than it used to be!
- still not ready to sleep on her own, but also still going down very easily and quickly with both her parents lying with her. She almost always has the most blissful looking smile on her face when we lay down with her. It’s pretty amazing! No complaints. :)
- has not breastfed in a little over a week. We’ll see if she asks again. Is that even possible? I feel like I have read stories about women who will occasionally bf every two weeks or so…
- still hasn’t had a major tantrum/meltdown in a public place, or even at home really, so I guess we just aren’t really at that point yet? I see signs of it, but we can talk her through it pretty easily so far. That’s not to say she doesn’t throw fits! She does this very slow and drawn out little ritual in which she must lay down sprawled out on her stomach and whine about something. What’s with that?! It is just nothing that has ruined my day yet. I did ask her why she was being such a “bratty-brat-brat-brat—brat—brat” (please sing to to the tune of YGG’s “jumpy-jump-jump” song) the other day, and I’m not so sure she thought my take on the song was very funny. =/ It probably wasn’t, and I probably should not even jokingly refer to my 1.5 year old as a brat, but I guess singing a silly song is probably my way of releasing momentary frustrations.
- loves to go “side?” (Outside). She loves to take walks! Makes me wish we had a yard for her to explore…

I’ve started looking into preschools. I don’t think I will be sending her for at least a year, but I know the schools in my area have waiting lists. The co-op nursery school I think I’m most interested in has a waiting list for the 2012-2013 school year already! Sheesh!

These are the only pics I got of her on November 17. Blurry & blinking! >.<