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Marcella tagged me in her 11 things post, so here I go!

There are five rules:

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My most recent instagram self-portrait! I was trying to show off the comb in my hair; It was my grandmother's!

11 Random Things

1. When I was a child, there were a few career ideas I loftily considered. I thought about being a veterinarian because “I love animals!”, I thought about being an architect because I built some crazy houses with my legos and my lincoln logs, and I wanted to be an astronaut because I really really really wanted to see space with my own eyes (I still do). However, one career goal I have had has been steadfast, and I am SO BLESSED with always knowing what I wanted to do. I think one of the toughest things about our modern society is figuring out just what it is you want to do with your life! I’ve been waiting for a moment to share this with my blog followers, so here it is (see page 26)!

Pages 25 & 26 of the auto-biography I wrote in second grade. I think I should scan this in its entirety and share it. It is too funny!

2. I also always knew I wanted to be a mother (see page 25 above. No, I no longer want ten children! And, why yes, I do think it is nice to “have a man around”, lol). You know how some people go through a phase where they say they don’t want kids and then change their minds? (And some people just don’t want kids, and that’s fine :] ) I just always knew I wanted children. I was looking forward to it so much I figured I’d also love being pregnant, and I didn’t. It wasn’t horrible (translation: I had a clean bill of health, save slight pregnancy anemia), but I was miserable the last  three months. To this day when I think about getting pregnant again all I can really think of is hating how I couldn’t sit down and cross my legs, I couldn’t hop out of bed, I couldn’t wear my high-waisted skirts, I couldn’t breathe, and being kicked in the cervix from the inside. But we want more children, so here’s to hoping I enjoy it more next time! (Please?!)

3. Getting back to that goal I had about being an astronaut… I really love science. I love discovery, and the transformation your understanding of the natural world undergoes when learning about science. It is truly amazing! I had a very tough time trying to decide what to do with my life because of this love. I couldn’t figure out how to marry this passion with my passion for art. In high school, my physics, anatomy, biology, and chemistry teachers all encouraged me to utilize my “unique talents”. I toyed around with being an anatomical illustrator, but that is neither innovative or creative; it just requires an intense technical understanding of illustration, anatomy, rendering, and infographics! A little part of me yearns to do research and make discoveries to this day. :)

4. I am totally one of those assholes that HATES, HATES!!! reality television. I cannot watch it. If it is on in the same room as me, I have to go into another room, because I can’t hold back my annoying scoffing or my eye rolls or my intense skepticism, and I become a huge sourpuss. For the most part, I think most of these people set HORRIBLE examples for everyone else (not just children) and we “glorify” them on television. Many people watch to make fun of them, but many others could see it as a way to carve their own path into fame. I know I am really in the minority here, because a lot of people _love_ to hate reality television; but I just hate it. And I don’t hate many things. It’s unfortunate, because it often separates me from my family,  seeing as my mom and my sisters LOVE it. (My brother has more of a penchant for the survival shows, and my dad is with me “it’s all crap!”. We are boring and watch documentaries and how it’s made together.) I’ve been putting up fits and going to my room since I was in high school and they insisted on watching the bachelor (the bachelor bothers me on a fundamental level). And I still do it if I go over there and they are watching some dumb housewives show. Why invite me over and then insist on watching this shit? (The only show I have ever been able to tolerate is Project Runway (fashion!), but even then I typically want to have it on mute. The ridiculous antics and music, ugh. Oh, and I do watch Hoarders to inspire me to polish my cupboards with a toothbrush! And I used to love Trading Spaces. I think that about covers it). *For the record, I don’t judge on people who like reality television, or hate that they like it. I  think it’s rather silly to like it, but usually people who like it also think it is silly to enjoy it. Plus, isn’t my reaction to it equally silly?!*

5. Considering the above, you may not  be surprised to learn we don’t have a cable subscription. Tyler and I have never had it in our adult lives. We don’t really seem to mind too much. Sometimes I feel like I miss the morning news because they are so “friendly” and it reminds me of the mornings when I was able to play hooky or stayed home sick with my mom growing up. But mostly we just don’t want an extra bill for something we don’t really feel we need. That’s not to say we don’t enjoy Netflix! I love Netflix because I don’t have to be subjected to ridiculous commercials, and I can watch an entire season of a show at my leisure. I credit Netflix for exposing me to the many great shows that are actually out there! I do agree with Liz Lemon “Well, I happen to think we are in a new golden age of scripted television!”.

6. I’ve never been to New York. What is up with that?! I’ve never even been to the East Coast. In fact, I am distinctly under-traveled. I am very bothered by this! Besides living in California, I’ve only been to 6 other states: Nevada, Texas, Arizona, Idaho, Hawaii and Oklahoma (when I was 3), and most of these travels were to visit friends or family. But I have been to Hong Kong three times! They were business  trips though. This mama needs to travel! Does Tijuana for 2 hours when I was six years old count?

7. My parents have known each other since my dad was 16 and my mom was 11. My mom went to my dad’s first wedding! After my dad divorced his first wife, he ran into my mother again, and thought “hey, she grew up!”. They had a short engagement and just celebrated 30 yrs together.

8. I went to the same jr. high as my parents and all of my blood-related aunts and uncles (7 of them).  My mother went to elementary school in Venice and Santa Monica, and then went to Santa Monica high, but they were in the valley just long enough for her to go to jr. high here! When I started there, her class picture was still up! And some teachers knew me by my last name. Also, I am not mistakenly calling it a jr. high (grades 7-9), because it was not middle school when I went there. In fact, I was in the first 8th grade graduating class!

9. Tyler and I were born in the same hospital. Our mothers were both born in Santa Monica, exactly 2 months apart. We often wonder if our mothers ever crossed paths, and how often we might have crossed paths.

10. I don’t like scary movies, and it kinda sucks. I know I am missing out on fun, but I just can’t get into it. It’s the same way with spicy food! My mouth is just set on FIRE! And I can’t taste anything, and my eyes start to water and I choke. But people love it and I want to find out why!

11. When I watch movies that have a sappy love story, I’m always reminded of my own love story. This is one way I knew Tyler and I were “it”. To use the quintessential romantic movie example, when I first saw the Notebook, I imagined a situation like that  between myself and some fantasy man, even though I was in a relationship at the time. When I saw it again after beginning a romantic relationship with Tyler, I thought, “OH! That is so something Tyler would say”. I knew him for 3 years before giving him a chance. He would always say “I don’t want to date other girls. It would betray what I feel for you and be unfair to them. I know what I want, I want you”. Later he said to me “I’m in this for the long haul; marriage, kids, everything.” He said he knew he was going to marry me 2 months after he met me. He just looked at me as I was hooking up my Game Cube (we met at work, as video game testers, remember?) and thought “I don’t know how, but you’re going to marry that girl!”. /melting

11 Questions from Marcella More photos after the jump

Hallway Sneak Peek

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Just thought I’d quickly share this instagram on my blog! The hallway is slowly but surely comin’ along, and I have the arduous task of going through my photos! Meanwhile, I’m still painting the living room, organizing our bookshelves, need to install a light in Laelia’s room and I can’t stop daydreaming about what our kitchen will look like. OH! Yeah. And Laelia’s birthday planning is going ignored! ONE. PROJECT. AT. A. TIME. !

22 Mos; napping in her crib!

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Wow, 2 months away from two years old! We’ve noticed that she is certainly not a baby anymore…

The biggest change that has happened over the last month is that Laelia has fallen asleep  for her naps in her crib by herself for the past eight days. Now, many of my friends and family (and even my birthing instructor!) have said something about how sleep totally changes around two. This always sat well in my mind because it is the age when children really come out of babyhood and are considered little toddlers. If you have read this whole blog, you know that Laelia is not a crib sleeper. She would wake up the moment she felt her little body being lowered into the crib. For the most part, Laelia is extremely independent. She won’t let you feed her, she won’t let you brush her teeth, I have to pin her down to brush her hair, she must put on her own headbands and sunglasses, and now she is even trying to take over dressing and undressing herself. But when it came to sleep, she would only fall asleep on someone for the first year, and most of her second year. More photos after the jump

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