My wedding: You’re invited

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Happy anniversary to us! My wedding invitations were the first invitations I designed, I believe. I really enjoyed the look of Beth’s invitations, so I kinda used that as a general layout inspiration. Tyler and I designed a heart with an infinity sign in it as a symbol of “us” to use however we see fit, and so we used it here in lieu of a monogram, and we also used it in other ways in the wedding. I still love this symbol and think about getting it tattooed on my wrist, and having a necklace or ring made from it.  I really wanted to do letterpress, but I could never afford it, so we came up with an idea to do a gradient/ombré effect in the scroll work–something letterpress can’t really do! Beth printed them for us on letterpress paper, so it has a nice heavy feel. We had a stamp of us made through zazzle, and used coordinating blue envelopes with our return address printed on the back. There is a subtle bird motif going on, if you can spot them (2009 – put a bird on it!).

My wedding series:

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- (6/15/12) My wedding: Ceremony
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My wedding: Inspiration!

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Tomorrow, if you can believe it, marks the third anniversary of our wedding! And, it also serves as a humble reminder of how I have had intentions of sharing my wedding photos on my blog for the past two anniversaries we have had! Our first anniversary I even made a little post and wrote the first bit I wanted to say about inspiration boards (pinterest has made that pretty moot though) but I was overwhelmed with parenting and work and not liking my blog theme, I didn’t end up getting it all together. Then, October 2010 my HD crashed and I didn’t have a back up of all my edited photos (but I did have the originals). Then, last year was just a haze around this time, and I had barely started to re-edit photos. So, this year, I’m not going to let it fly by me again! It’s now or never. So everything else is waiting; the full post of Laelia’s second birthday, Tyler’s 30th, home updates, everything!

I want to start off my anniversary celebration here on my blog with a solid inspiration board; what I posted in the past was a crappy photo of the bulletin board that was in my office and a digital board I made when I was still working at babystyle, 4 months before our wedding. The images in this board are ALL images I used to help create the mood I was going for when I was designing my wedding, so that means they are pre-May 2009. Also, we are talking pre-PINTEREST here people. My wedding probably would have been very different if I had pinterest, or planning would have simply been faster…

The look I was going for was elegant, colorful and whimsical, with slight touches of rustic (I would have liked to play rustic up more, but it was an element that came in later) and a somewhat subtle bird and feather motif. Sophia Copolla’s Marie Antoinette and the season of spring were the inspirations for the colors; aqua, pinks, reds and corals, with splashes of gold. If I had a late summer or fall wedding, I would have gone with a totally different pallet (think jewel-tones and mustards)!

1/ Big trees and pink dresses. Martha Stewart Weddings
Gray suits! Love this couple! Once Wed
3/ Color inspiration. Martha Stewart Weddings
4/Aquamarine and Gold Earrings. Amirta Singh
5/ Color inspiration. Martha Stewart Weddings
6/ Hairpiece and Colors.
7/ Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette 
8/ Gold Fausta Sandals by Christin Michaels
9/ Lucida in Yellow Gold* Tiffany & Co
10/ Bouquet and Colors. Lorraine Pantic Photography via the Knot
11/ Birdcage & Color inspiration. Source unknown but here it is on Pinterest
12/ CAKE!
13/ General loveliness. Martha Stewart Weddings

I also want to give a general shout out to the type face Affair, by Alejandro Paul of Stupidos Type. Yes, a typeface can influence an event! I know it helped me focus on the sort of mood I wanted; elegant, but not stuffy.

As always, every image here has been pinned and links back to the best source I have to it, so, if you are looking for a specific image check out my pinterest board Jesyka + Tyler! There are other bits and pieces on my board that also inspired my wedding.

So,  I’m planning on breaking up my wedding into smaller posts so it’s not overwhelming for me, and for you! I want to share a lot, from my budget, to the sketches I made for my bridesmaids, to how I pretty much DIYed the whole thing. This will be the first post of my wedding series; stay tuned for:

My wedding series:
- (5/23/12) My wedding: You’re invited 
- (6/01/12) My wedding: Decor and Setting
- (6/15/12) My wedding: Ceremony
- Bridal Party
- Celebration
- Round-up

I will be sure to update this post with links,  as they come!

*No, I do not have the Lucida, my ring just looks exactly like this (very much on purpose). We actually bought a Vatché setting–apparently Vatché makes the Lucida setting, too, but the “X” just wraps the other way! And the stone is Moissanite, which is why it makes rainbows all the time…