Hallway Update

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I’m posting a hallway update, like seven months after I posted my hallway inspiration. I’m trying to make good on posting progress pics instead of only posting before and afters… I don’t know why I feel like everything has to be totally finished before I post one photo! That’s just silly. We all learn more by seeing the process and transition! First, a reminder of what the hallway looked like before we decided to tackle it:
… And my little inspiration board:
Now let’s see how far we’ve come!

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My Kitchen Makeover: Stripping Paint

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This is not a pretty post. In fact, this post is darn near disgusting! The first step in this makeover is to strip the paint. In fact, striping the paint is why we don’t really have a choice about doing this, we have to do this. I think the following photos will explain why.

This step of stripping paint is broken down as follows:

Strip paint:

  • Strip paint from hinges in order to remove the cabinet doors off the cabinet base (We start with citrus strip, which is safe for indoor use. We cover the stripper with aluminum foil to keep it from drying)
  • Further strip the hinges in order to remove them from the cabinet doors entirely
  • Utilize the crock-pot method of removing paint from hardware (we bought one from goodwill for this purpose only)
  • Strip paint from the grate under the sink
  • Strip paint from where I am guessing a cutting board is; it has been sealed in by many layers of paint
  • Using a metal scraper, scrape paint from both sides of all cabinet doors
  • Scrape paint from drawer fronts
  • Scrape paint from the cabinet base
  • And, finally, scrape paint from walls
  • After everything has been stripped and scrapped, sand with a power sander.
  • If more paint loosens after sanding, scrape again. Then sand again. Repeat until no more paint comes off.
  • To smooth out holes and ridges between layers of paint, fill with dry wall spackle.
  • We finalize by sanding with a fine grit paper and wipe clean with a tac cloth.
  • Then coat with one layer of primer. Sand more. Prime more. Repeat until surface is smooth (or you’ve just had enough).

Hopefully, the above process will end the cycle of peeling paint in our kitchen!

The hinges alone took a significant amount of time; I think it took us an hour to remove the hinges from the first door, but it sped up over time.

I still haven’t figured out how to clean the black (rust?) off of these hinges to get these things looking brand new; if anyone has any ideas, please let me know in the comments! More photos after the jump

Laelia’s Second Birthday!

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Firstly, I hope all my fellow Americans had a happy 4th of July! Secondly, my hugest apologies for the delay in this post. It has been a whole two months since I posted the sneak peek, and a certain awesome pinterest follower reminded me of that! (Yes, I’m calling you out Carla! xoxo). Things have just gotten away from me since then; I hope I can find balance here again and get into a nice rhythm soon. In the meantime, I’m writing this while all the cupboard doors are off and being ignored in my kitchen, and there are piles of Tupperware on my couch and cleaning supplies overflowing in my sink, and, well, you get the picture, right? I just started reading the book Mom, Inc. which I have already found helpful!So, when we last left off, I was trying to recover photos from our corrupted files, and despite the purchase of multiple softwares, and back and forth emails with tech support, we were not able to recover those files. I’m definitely okay with it now, just as I’ve accepted the loss of my camera. After taking a break from looking at these photos, I can see it with fresh eyes and vividly remember the smell of my house, and the energy of the crowd, and how everything did turn out just fine. :) I had to improvise a lot, and my emotions were high, but I think everyone had a great time. I definitely enjoyed the day, and I think the birthday girl did too!  More photos after the jump

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