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Hi! You’ve landed yourself at the blog of artist and designer, Jesyka D'Itri Marés! Here is where I share with blogland what I would be working on regardless of the existence of blogland.

Our Bedroom: Progress

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Hi! I took last week off to use the time to prep for Laelia’s birthday! Her actual birthday was on Wednesday and we went to the grove with Aunt Kristina and Beth, Orion, and baby Fawn. We got her a bitty baby from the American Girl store and went to lunch. We bought sprinkles cupcakes to bring home for dessert! Then her party was on Saturday at Beth’s house. I’ll be sharing the photos just as soon as possible! But today, I’d like to share our bedroom progress, before the whole thing is totally finished!
bedroom_WIPBefore:Bedroom2013We laid out a new rug from Rugs USA, which we got for a great deal! The wardrobes are all set up and organized. Now they are ready to be styled and have the drawer fronts put on. PAX_wardrobe wardrobe1I put two large baskets at the bottom for laundry and blankets. They work great!
mirrorThis mirror is AMAZING! It’s so great being able to see your whole self in a mirror! I didn’t realize what a difference it made until we brought this mirror home, and suddenly I’m more inspired to work out and put more effort into my clothing. As a reminder, this is the tiny “before” mirror: back_of_door2closetThe blue tape here is because I still need to paint a small detail in the frame, and I just haven’t gotten to it yet!DresserThis is the most pathetic view of our new bedroom; the TV works but is broken and we haven’t decided whether we want to replace it or just buy an iPad, which is why it has not been re-centered and we haven’t hidden the wires yet. Also, we are going to strip the black off this dresser soon!TopView

So, we’ve made a huge impact pretty quickly! We love-love-love it. We kinda want to do everything in our new room! However, I’d say our room is not nearly complete!

Here’s our bedroom to do list:

  • PAX Wardrobes
  • Paint
  • Rearrange room
  • New Curtain Rod
  • Hang the curtains higher
  • Knob for mailbox
  • Mirror
  • Light above Mirror (still isn’t properly wired)
  • Artwork above closet
  • Curtains for closet
  • O’verlays for the doors
  • Drawer Fronts
  • Strip & Repaint Dresser
  • Paint Closet
  • Night Stands
  • Light Fixture
  • New Lamps?
  • More artwork
  • Replace or remove TV
  • Style shelves
  • Re-upholster or replace ottomans

I’m probably forgetting a few things more things I’d like to do in there, but you get the idea. I’m really hoping to be able to find a good brass sputnik lamp that is NOT thousands of dollars (I’m hoping more like $2-300). Wouldn’t a sputnik lamp look AMAZING in here?!! If anyone has a good lead, please let me know!


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On the first day of spring, we went to balboa lake to celebrate with a walk through the cherry blossom trees! It was a weirdly muggy and overcast day, but it was still beautiful!

A Laelia Outfit #47

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This is all from Old Navy, except the tank! The tank is Sweet Ivy.

Kitchen Progress; Upholstered Benches

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Today I finally did it. I upholstered the benches in our kitchen.
DSC_1066Ty was home sick and in bed all day, so I couldn’t fiddle around with the details in our bedroom today. As I had finished up the last of some freelance responsibilities yesterday, I was still itching to get stuff done; I put myself to good use and finally got around to finishing up these benches and finalizing frame placement in the hallway (things changed in there after the picture ledges moved to Laelia’s new room). I’d say both the kitchen and the hallway are 90-95% done! Woo-hoo!

Our Bedroom; Before (and before and before)

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Our bedroom has seen many versions. It is  – mental check — yes, it is the only room in our apartment that I haven’t blogged about yet. I’ve even blogged about the hallway! When we moved in, it was pretty plain and boring. We didn’t even have a bed! We did paint all my old furniture black, and we really loved the way it came out (and held up!). Just below is a photo of our bedroom in February 2010. Feb2010

We painted 2 walls (not all 4, I have no idea why, looking back), and bought our bed right after this. I was 8 months pregnant and nesting, what can I say?! I have a few photos I took the night we painted the other walls (December 2010), and I think think this is when I realized the focus was broken on that old camera of mine, so these are blurrry! For the sake of your eyes, I’ll double them up and make them pretty small. Also, I think I must have been into taking those horrible, messy before photos at the time. I mean, jeez! Or I was right in the middle of moving everything in order to paint?! I don’t remember!Dec2010Anyway, we eventually moved onto here:

My lovesDefinitely getting somewhere better here, but then I thought up a new way of having our room about 6 months ago, and I started preparing for the transition and our bedroom lost a lot of love, and it didn’t have a lot to begin with. Does anyone else do that? The second you decide on a making over a room, even if it is a YEAR away, you just start to tend to it less? I mean, I let the curtain rod in this room just totally droop and I completely ignored it, despite the screws having completely removed themselves from the walls!curtain_bracket (And, why, yes, I did recently write a post about hanging curtains! >.>) With that said, here is what our room looked like a few weeks ago. More photos after the jump

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