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heartgarland2heartgarlandSince Valentine’s day is next week, I thought I’d share this cute felt heart garland hanging in my kitchen (thank you Target), and I’d also like to repost my valentine’s day boards from last year, since I still find them cute and relevant! Also, don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board hearts + arrows, which I have continuously updated whenever I found anything relevant to the theme. :)

 Sweet Baby Valentine


Valentine’s day board

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  1.  Heart Shaped Balloons from Mignon Kitchen Co.
  2. I Love You Valentine by Rifle Paper Co.
  3. Striped Stick-on Bow Tie for the little man in your life. From Bushel and Peck Paper.
  4. Be my Baby glittering fringe banner by Nice on Etsy.
  5. You’re my fav♥rite work of art poster by Love Sugar on Etsy. This is absolutely how I feel about Laelia. :)
  6. Cupid’s Arrow Cupcakes by Bakerella.
  7. Valentine Straw kit: a free download from {papermash}!
  8. Aqua frosted cake by Sprinkle Bakes. Click for (cherry vanilla cake) recipe !
  9. Aqua soda bottles w/ stripey straws! (photo: the ever amazing Hello Naomi)
  10. Kissing Booth! Cute idea for a photo booth! (Poster by I love Retro on Culture Label).
  11. A Perfect Desert Table (Photo: Lee Bird Photography)
  12. Heart plushies! From Wonder Forest on Etsy.
  13. Felt  Heart Headband (Photo: katie did)
  14. I ♥ Mom, I ♥ Dad bowls; parental love reciprocated! From Hideminy. :)

 Shot Through the Heart


Valentine’s day board

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  1. Mr. Boddington Bullseye Valentine from catbird.
  2. Valentine’s Day Balloon by Geronimo Balloons. Balloon delivery! How cute! And we all know how much I love giant balloons and glittering fringe. I lurve.
  3. DIY VintageArrow Valentine by Halligan. Via Design*Sponge. Alternately, you could buy  some handmade arrows from quivver, or Native on etsy.
  4.  Wild Heart Glittering Fringe Banner by nice (on etsy).
    I brightened the color of the fringe on this banner to pop a little more)
  5. A Romantic Setting: Considering I live in Southern California, I think it would be totally normal to set up a bohemian picnic outside on Valentine’s Day. In February. Our weather has been particularly awesome lately. But you could easily do something romantic like this in your bedroom or living room! :)
    (This photo has been credited to Jessica Claire, but I can’t find it on her website. Any further info would be appreciated! UPDATE 3/24/12 I found a direct link on Style Me Pretty! I updated my pinterest board as well.)
  6. Fiesta headband in chiffon, with arrow featherby avaraylondon.
  7. Oreo chocolate cake with chocolate ganache and gold flecks by desserts for breakfast
  8. Love Poems by Pablo Neruda. (image via New Directions Cover Library.) To read to your hunny.
  9. For the Wind Dress from ModCloth.
  10. Pierced Heart Truffle Plate from BHLDN. The plate from which to eat your cake!
  11. Arrow Cuff from catbird.
  12. Sequined Heart Shoe Clips from ban.dō.
  13.  Hello. Also, I love youby The Big Harumph on Etsy. Perhaps you could consider a poster a valentine over the more traditional card?
  14. Debrah Lippman “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” nail polish from Fred Flare.
  15.  Arrow Valentine by AmyMarcella on Etsy.
  16. Marquee Arrow Light from Urban Outfitters.

Living + Workspace: Current Layout and Mood

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I thought I’d take a little break from the wedding posts. It has been FOR-EVER since I updated my blog with any information on our living + workspace situation. Lately, I’m wondering if there will ever be a time when I get all of this (life, work, family, blogging) down and settle into a nice routine? Anyway, I remembered about month ago how I never posted before photos of the living room! I’ll get to that, but first, lets remember what my last updated layout looked like, with a few wishful pieces thrown in there:And it’s current state:
Previous to acquiring the new-t0-us storage benches for the kitchen, we had the two armless chairs that go with our couch sitting in the breakfast nook, set in a way to look like a settee. They fit perfectly, and I was planning on designing around that until we found the benches, which just made much more sense, and could fit more people. So the chairs came out and back into the living room, with intentions of selling them on craigslist. The “chairs” are really just pieces of a sectional couch, so we just put them next to our couch, as if it were a sectional. We ended up falling in love with the new arrangement! It is so comfy, and it is the perfect length and height for the desk behind them. There is one, HUGE drawback; they are not the same color as the couch. WHYYYYYYYYYY did I insist on getting our chairs in a different color?! I’m kicking myself for this. I will see how much it will cost to have these chairs re-upholstered in the same fabric, but geesh. Anyway, this layout is going to be it, I think, unless we decide to make any major living space purchases in the next few years…

 If it is crossed out, I own it. Also, I left some of the text from what I previously wrote in a few cases.

1) IKEA SANELA Curtains: We have these in a teal blue they don’t seem to sell anymore. I’m also thinking about replacing our rods with these new more substantial rods. :)

2) IKEA LINDMON blinds: *BIG TIP* Buy these from the as-is section. We bought 9 sets of these blinds from the as-is section, most for around $10, and some for as low as $7!

3) Brass Boom Floor LampI don’t own this exact lamp, but the one I own is very similar. I bought a brass boom floor lamp about a year ago from Home Goods. Then I returned it, because it was missing arm, and all they had left were some oil rubbed bronze ones, which I reluctantly bought and it definitely really just looks black. I’ve been thinking about spray painting it brass/gold/what-have-you to brighten it up. This is low on the priority list as it looks fine as-is too.
Image: edwardian boom arm floor lamp via circa lighting.

4) My Awesome Chesterfield sofaOH this is the most expensive thing we have ever purchased for the house, and I don’t think it was even that much, considering what we got;  $900 + $200 (?) for the nail head trim. We had it made by custom sofa design, here in Los Angeles. I believe we had it made in the grade 3 fabric queen, buckwheat color. It is microfiber and, although I  usually have super crunchy mama tendencies,  I have to say this fabric is AMAZING! Everything, and I mean everything, wipes off of it. Ketchup, pen, red wine, crayon… you name it, I’ve wiped it off of this couch. I’m always astonished by how it ends up so clean! Great for a couch, great for kids.

5) Pillows: Anthropologie’s landscape pillow (on sale for $23 each!), IKEA’s felicia pillow in fuchsia, IKEA STOCKHOLM pillow, velvet pillow from World Market.

6) Coffee Table: We still haven’t made our coffee table, but we are leaning towards a design more like this, with a little shelf underneath the tabletop.

7) Faux-Marble Bust: This is not the one I own, but I love these things for some reason!

8) Saint-Raphael Travel PosterI bought this  in college when travel posters were all the rage. (I think I bought from World Market, but  there are plenty on the internet). I always wonder about keeping it, but Tyler pointed out that it totally works on this board! And it does, especially with the gold IKEA frame. I’ve always loved that tree!

9) Corcovado Rug: We bought this during anthro’s 50% off sale items during the holidays, for a whopping $250! It was originally about $800. Super exciting for me, because I never thought I would own a rug I really loved. :)

10) Campaign Dresser: We need something to replace the hope chest under the projector screen. It is too deep, and creates a very narrow walking space into the kitchen. I would LOVE to find a shallow campaign style dresser, but we might also go with an apothecary cabinet. Whatever it is, I’m thinking about 10″ deep, and I’m hoping to find it on CL, at a thrift store, or at a flea market.
(image via: Sweet Carolina Wife)

11) Yellow Tufted Chair: This is the curb-side rescue that I still need to reupholster.

12) My grandfather’s painting.

13) Our Hutch: I’m thinking of turning this into a bar.

14) Melltorp Dining Table: We use this as our desk, and when we have parties it is where I set up the food. The problem is, when Tyler put it together he screwed the screws in too tight, and there is damage on the table top where each of the 8 screws come in. I would like to eventually paint or maybe even replace the table top.

15) Sheep Skin: We actually have the fake ones. One for each desk chair.

16) Globes: I love globes. I have one, and I want more. I’ve ALWAYS wanted to wallpaper my office w/ one wall as a map, but I still don’t think it’s the right time for that. (Although, I feel like globes and maps are trending, so I do hope I still want to do that when the opportunity finally arises.) This globe is particularly beautiful and I love the stand, and you can bet I’ll be scouring flea markets for something similar.
From bellalulu vintage on etsy.

17) Yellow Basket: I saw these at costco of all places, and I love them!

18)  PATRIK swivel chair: These were going to be tossed out at Tyler’s old work, so we took them home. I enjoy how they coordinate with our rug! The wheels do a number on our floor, so they might have to go; ideally, I’d like to just replace the bottom half.

19) Sunburst Mirror: I bought this from Target in store for $17.99. It’s totally not gold. I had to spray paint it. However, I discovered yesterday that Layla Grace carries pretty much the exact mirror. Given that the photo is essentially the same (except Target put in a digital gradient to fake out a mirror), I’m willing to bet Target knocked off the mirror that Layla Grace carries. Also, I’m willing to bet that the mirror from Layla Grace is actually gold. The mirror from LG has 17″ on Target’s mirror, but Target’s costs a whopping $290 less.
Target’s Home ORB Sunburst Metal Mirror
Layla Grace’s Sunburst Wall Mirror

20) Tree of Life Curtain: This is apparently not on sale on their website anymore, but it is from World Market. I’ve loved this print for a while, and I just realized it might actually work pretty well in this room. I can either use them on the bookcases, or make a few pillows out of them. I haven’t decided yet, so I haven’t bought them yet!

21) Zigzag Rug from Urban Outfitters: I know chevron is everywhere, and it’s one of the reasons I’ve tried to not overdo it, but I enjoy this rug, and it is a good price and would work under our desk, to save our poor floors from the chair wheels.

22) IKEA BILLY Bookcases: We have all four, two of which are the deeper 15″ ones. They all have extension units, but I’m still in the market for hardware and making them look campaign style seems pretty easy… >.>

Living + Workspace Series:
• (09/15/11) Living + Workspace Layouts
• (09/29/11) The Midas Touch ← mood board
• (10/04/11) Building Our Own Coffee Table
• (10/13/11) Living + Workspace; Built-in Sketches
• (11/11/11) Living + Workspace Update
• (11/14/11) Bookcases
• (11/22/11) Painting a Projector Screen
• (03/30/12) Before + After: Antique Lamp
• (04/06/12) Before + After: Front Door
• (06/20/12) Living + Workspace: A Revealing Update

My wedding: Inspiration!

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Tomorrow, if you can believe it, marks the third anniversary of our wedding! And, it also serves as a humble reminder of how I have had intentions of sharing my wedding photos on my blog for the past two anniversaries we have had! Our first anniversary I even made a little post and wrote the first bit I wanted to say about inspiration boards (pinterest has made that pretty moot though) but I was overwhelmed with parenting and work and not liking my blog theme, I didn’t end up getting it all together. Then, October 2010 my HD crashed and I didn’t have a back up of all my edited photos (but I did have the originals). Then, last year was just a haze around this time, and I had barely started to re-edit photos. So, this year, I’m not going to let it fly by me again! It’s now or never. So everything else is waiting; the full post of Laelia’s second birthday, Tyler’s 30th, home updates, everything!

I want to start off my anniversary celebration here on my blog with a solid inspiration board; what I posted in the past was a crappy photo of the bulletin board that was in my office and a digital board I made when I was still working at babystyle, 4 months before our wedding. The images in this board are ALL images I used to help create the mood I was going for when I was designing my wedding, so that means they are pre-May 2009. Also, we are talking pre-PINTEREST here people. My wedding probably would have been very different if I had pinterest, or planning would have simply been faster…

The look I was going for was elegant, colorful and whimsical, with slight touches of rustic (I would have liked to play rustic up more, but it was an element that came in later) and a somewhat subtle bird and feather motif. Sophia Copolla’s Marie Antoinette and the season of spring were the inspirations for the colors; aqua, pinks, reds and corals, with splashes of gold. If I had a late summer or fall wedding, I would have gone with a totally different pallet (think jewel-tones and mustards)!

1/ Big trees and pink dresses. Martha Stewart Weddings
Gray suits! Love this couple! Once Wed
3/ Color inspiration. Martha Stewart Weddings
4/Aquamarine and Gold Earrings. Amirta Singh
5/ Color inspiration. Martha Stewart Weddings
6/ Hairpiece and Colors.
7/ Sophia Coppola’s Marie Antoinette 
8/ Gold Fausta Sandals by Christin Michaels
9/ Lucida in Yellow Gold* Tiffany & Co
10/ Bouquet and Colors. Lorraine Pantic Photography via the Knot
11/ Birdcage & Color inspiration. Source unknown but here it is on Pinterest
12/ CAKE!
13/ General loveliness. Martha Stewart Weddings

I also want to give a general shout out to the type face Affair, by Alejandro Paul of Stupidos Type. Yes, a typeface can influence an event! I know it helped me focus on the sort of mood I wanted; elegant, but not stuffy.

As always, every image here has been pinned and links back to the best source I have to it, so, if you are looking for a specific image check out my pinterest board Jesyka + Tyler! There are other bits and pieces on my board that also inspired my wedding.

So,  I’m planning on breaking up my wedding into smaller posts so it’s not overwhelming for me, and for you! I want to share a lot, from my budget, to the sketches I made for my bridesmaids, to how I pretty much DIYed the whole thing. This will be the first post of my wedding series; stay tuned for:

My wedding series:
- (5/23/12) My wedding: You’re invited 
- (6/01/12) My wedding: Decor and Setting
- (6/15/12) My wedding: Ceremony
- Bridal Party
- Celebration
- Round-up

I will be sure to update this post with links,  as they come!

*No, I do not have the Lucida, my ring just looks exactly like this (very much on purpose). We actually bought a Vatché setting–apparently Vatché makes the Lucida setting, too, but the “X” just wraps the other way! And the stone is Moissanite, which is why it makes rainbows all the time… 


Laelia’s 2nd Birthday Board

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Today, Laelia is TWO! And I’m finally posting her second birthday board. It’s hard not to feel pressure to produce something amazing after the viral success of Laelia’s first birthday board, but I really want to focus on Tyler’s 30th birthday too, so I just decided to give myself a break. I think this board lacks a certain sweetness necessary with children’s parties (I think it could be hard to tell it’s a kids party…), but I enjoy the sophisticated graphic look. It would also be great for a bridal shower! I think that playing up the shapes aspect of my idea for her party will help bring in that sweetness I’m missing here, but we won’t really see it until the party is in place…

The inspiration here was pink ombré and gradients, gold, black and white stripes, and geometric shapes. Laelia’s VERY into learning her shapes right now! :)

1) Balloons in varying shades of pink (and gold). We are getting the 16″ balloons from ziggos, and I’m heading to balloon emporium sometime this week to check them out. (image: Your Home Based Mom)

2) Black and White Stripes. I was feeling like this party needed something more than just pinks and golds… something to ground the pallet, and also give it a bit of a punch. Right now I’m convinced black and white stripes make everything better! I dare you to challenge me!! (image: Styling/Bird Dog Wedding & The Creative Parasol, Photography/Paige Newton Photography via The Sweetest Occasion)

3) Pink Depression Glass; I have so much of this from my grandmother. I think it is all reproductions from the 80s, but still awesome. I’m pairing the platters with my gold chargers. (image: Jesyka D’Itri Marés (myself))

4) Paper Straws; I ordered black and white stripe, pink polka dot and pink hearts. (image: pinterest– leads to a broken etsy link. I ordered from Hey Yo Yo)

5) Watermelon cut into shapes; To play up my shapes thing. Also, geo sugar cookies. (image: ohsweetbabies via flickr)

6) Ombré Cake! I’ve loved these forever, and now it will be time to see if I can execute it. I’m pretty sure I’ll just doctor a box cake, because I’ve never made a TDF cake from scratch, but adding sour cream to a box cake always ends up so delish. (image: call me cupcake!)

7) Fringed Streamers; I’ve already made a lot of progress here! I’m really excited. I just bought crepe paper streamers and fringe scissors, but of course the initial idea comes from Oh Happy Day. (image:

8) Pink Ombre Stripe Napkins; From Target. Perfect. (image: Jesyka D’Itri Marés (myself))

9) Black and white striped dress; I’m having no luck finding this dress in stock anywhere, so I’m ordering it from a LysaBo on etsy! She makes a very similar dress. Super excited! :)  (image: Bloomingdales)

10) Pink Lemonade in bottles with paper straws.  We are also doing pink champange, of course!! :) (image: Scissors Paper Cake via Cake Events Blog)

12) Black and White Stripes; Another inspirational black and white stripes image! (Image: The Sweetest Occasion)

13) Pink Bowls from Target. I’ll be putting popcorn and the strawberry yogurt Os from TJs in here. :)

13) Shapes garland in pinks. (image: loveology; I adjusted the hues in this photo to be pinks, because I could not find an all pink shapes garland! But the original photo is in beautiful full color, go checkit!)

14) Ombre Tiered Dress in pink cameo from baby GAP.

15) Peonies in varying pinks; I might also do ranunculus. (image: Pinterest; it has been credited to OnceWed but I can’t find this specific image. I’ll update here if I ever find it, and please let me know if you have any info!)

16) Sueded-Metallic Color Block Sandals in coral sizzle from Old Navy.

The party will be this Saturday in our house apartment which I’m excited but very nervous about, as it is the first time we’ve really thrown a party at our house apartment, and we don’t even have a yard patio! For this reason I kept the guest list pretty small, although my inclination was to invite all of my friends that I haven’t seen in a while who have new babies. BABIES! So we figured this will be a bit of a test run for future parties. We’re going to start small, and hopefully it doesn’t get too overwhelming here with just family and the BFFs. It will be fine, right? I’m re-arranging furniture to fit things. I want to live large in my tiny place! If it goes well, then the there. will. be. more. parties! :)

Today we are taking Laelia to Disneyland, and we are going to buy her a balloon and some cotton candy and that mickey-spiney thingie she always wants but we never buy her! I’ll probably post some pics so stay tuned! :)


Sweet Baby Valentine

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Firstly, let me apologize for not posting for TWO WEEKS! What the heck was that? I was feeling burnt out and I needed a little break from my computer but I didn’t expect it to last so long! I even thought to leave a note on my sidebar about my leave of absence, but it never really got planned out, lol… next time! I’m building a huge schedule for myself, and I expect things will get very efficient around here… :) Anyway, I’ve had this board brewing for a while, and even though I had something else planned for today, I’ve got to post my sweet baby valentine board today, as it would be the last relevant day to post it for about another 48 weeks… ~.^. I’ve always loved valentine’s day, and not just for it’s more romantic sentiments; I enjoy it as an expression of platonic love. In the case of this board, it is definitely a parental love! It is the sort of party I would plan if I had more of a house to host gatherings in. :)

1) Heart Shaped Balloons from Mignon Kitchen Co.

2) I Love You Valentine by Rifle Paper Co.

3) Striped Stick-on Bow Tie for the little man in your life. From Bushel and Peck Paper.

4) Be my Baby glittering fringe banner by Nice on Etsy.

5) You’re my fav♥rite work of art poster by Love Sugar on Etsy. This is absolutely how I feel about Laelia. :)  More photos after the jump

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