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Rose Bowl Flea; February 2013

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In an attempt to keep up with my 30 days of blogging, I’m going to attempt to blog from my phone! We’re driving to our friend’s house for a get together! We spent the day earlier at the flea market, and I’d love to share bits of our day here on the blog!


Laelia and I got scarves, I got an amazing print from 1912, I found a silly little bust for five dollars, we bought a marquee heart for Laelia’s new room, and, best of all, We found midcentury night stands for five dollars a piece! I was just losing hope, and as we turned a corner I saw them! I asked for price and she said five dollars. I had to make her repeat it twice! I’m super excited to make them over!

Underwood Farms 2012

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Well, I finally updated my computer with some more ram, and deleted 60GB of needless files, so my computer is in much better shape than it’s been in a long while! It was seriously running like molasses… :( It is an iMac from 2008, so it’s definitely not new, but I’d like to make it last me another 1 or 2 years. We were really considering buying a new computer, but we decided to give installing some extra ram a try, and then I saw how much memory I was using… I had essentially filled my HD; 412MB/413MB! Well, no wonder things were moving so slow! So now things seem to be running a little faster, which I’m happy about, because I think it will help me get back to blogging. It was taking me about 7 minutes just to open a photo or a file, and just as long to SAVE one. Doing any work on the computer has been painstaking, and I think this has subconsciously kept me away from sitting down and doing any long bouts of design or photo editing, which is sad. I’m hoping that between my computer running smoothly again, buying a new DSLR (if you remember my 20D was stolen on Laelia’s birthday!), and unveiling my new website, I’ll be back to regular blogging after the new year! (which would be two months behind schedule, but not THAT bad… ~.^) I’m reaaaaaalllllly looking forward to blogging regularly again, I think it’s good for my heart. Thanks to everyone who still visits while I’m on hiatus! I have so much to share! Wedding invitation suites! Blog Designs! Complete bathroom renovations! My kitchen is ALMOST done! (wow, I just realized all the stuff I’ve been doing when I haven’t been blogging!)


Anyway, the first thing I did to check out how much faster my computer runs was to pursue the photos that have collected virtual dust on my memory cards for months! First up, I want to share a few shots from October. We have made a tradition of visiting the pumpkin patch at Underwood Family Farms every year. I know posting pumpkin photos in December is a little silly, but better late than never! Check out last year’s photos here!

Two and a Half Years!

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Last Wednesday, Laelia turned turned two and a half! I have found it very fun to always do something a little special on her half birthday, to break up the monotony of  the everyday.  Nothing like a big gathering or a party, but something special just for her. October 17th also happens to be the actual birthdays of my cousin-in-law Becky and our friend Isabella. Last year, we went to the Long Beach Aquarium w/ Isabella for her 3rd birthday, and this year, we went again! This time we were joined by a very pregnant Beth and her son Orion. They had an excellent time running about and watching the fish. Later, we met Tyler at his work and then went at the Cheesecake Factory down the street for a sundae. I asked our waiter (who was really great) to put a candle in her sundae, because, whereas on her second birthday, she did not really understand birthdays, now she does. Well, she at least sees them as something exciting; she knows they are someone’s “special day” (which is what she was saying all day; “it’s my special day”). So when they brought out her birthday sundae and put it in front of her and started singing, her eyes bulged in recognition and I totally got a lump in my throat! Then I somehow managed to convince him to take Laelia to her first movie! We went to the Arclight (also in the Sherman Oaks Galleria) and saw Hotel Transylvania. She definitely did not like the few short parts where Dracula’s eyes went red, but she sat through almost all of it before she stood up and said “bye-bye?”. Definitely a fun day!

I haven’t updated on the things Laelia can do in a long while, so I figured I’d better do it now, before, you know, she starts reading & writing and I haven’t noted it.
- After two months of taking naps in her crib, Laelia started sleeping in her crib at night as well. There have only been a few nights when she woke up, and I think it’s mostly due to getting her two-year molars in.
- She’s been singing her ABCs for several months now. She especially likes to do it while spinning in circles!
- She can identify all of the letters.
- She can count to 20 in English.
- She can count to 10 in Spanish.
- She says “Thank you” and “You’re welcome” with out being prompted.
- She said “gracias” last night, after I put a bandage on her finger.
- She still needs to occasionally be asked to say “please”, but she will say it with out being asked as well.
- She knows all the primary and secondary colors.
- She knows how to say most of the primary and secondary colors in Spanish.
- She can complete large 24 pc or 36 pc jigsaw puzzles, often with no help at all!
- Sings Mary Had a Little Lamb and the Itsy Bitsy Spider.
- Makes pretty awesome Lego towers. Exclaims “look, a castle!”.
- Is really into the Care Bears and Mario. A girl after my own heart!

I’m currently doing a little research about home pre-schooling. I get a lot of crazy looks and “really?”s and “are you sure?”s, but — let’s face it, after a planned home birth, co-sleeping, babywearing, cloth diapering, and “extended” breastfeeding, I’m pretty used to odd looks and people telling me I can’t or shouldn’t do something because of their own preconceptions (and no actual research) on a subject. I’m keeping an open mind about it, and I simply think that the cost of pre-school is too high in our area, especially if I’m already home. I’d rather send her to ballet classes, and take her to museums and  outings with other children to keep her “socialized”, while I have direct one-on-one teaching with her, and I can help with manners as well. I’ve been looking at some Montessori books and some workbooks, and I plan to start in January (although, from what I can gather so far, I think Tyler and I  already doing a lot of what these books suggest, it is just our parenting style!). Anyway, I’m sure I’ll give it a post of its own! If you have any experience or any suggestions on books to read, please let me know!

Idaho Summer 2012

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Well, I’ve been so busy lately that I feel I have to officially say that my posting will have to be sporadic from here until I get my new site design up! I was thinking about officially stating a hiatus, but I’m sure I’ll continue to make new posts until then. I just might go a week or so with out a new post while I continue to tackle all of the projects on my overflowing plate. :) But, the good news about that means I will have a TON of new content to eventually share here, so that’s exciting, right?

Today, however, I want to share our recent family trip to Idaho. On Monday, July 23, we packed our Scion XB full to the brim and set off on what turned into a sixteen hour journey across four states, and listened to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows along the way.

Top: Laelia is all ready to go! Beautiful Clouds. Trains. Laelia Sings “Choo-Choo!”
Bottom: More clouds and a lake. Erick Schat’s Bakkery (a must-stop in Bishop). Editing photos in the car. Pretty rays of light.

My husband’s immediate family lives in Boise, and we went up for a special occasion; my brother-in-law’s wedding. But first, we went up to a cabin in Stanley, Idaho for two nights. It is owned by a friend of my father-in-law’s, and it was awesome. It had 5 bedrooms, six queen sized beds, and 3 bathrooms, a large play room, a full kitchen, dining area and living room. It was extremely well suited for our little family of three, Tyler’s parents, his aunt and uncle and 3 cousins (who were also up from southern California), his brother’s family of 4, his 3 cousins and his sister and her boyfriend (which is 19 people if you weren’t counting!).  The only person who didn’t come is the groom himself, because he had to work. It felt a little silly to visit Idaho and not see him for 2 days, but he is in Hawaii for 2 weeks on his honeymoon, so I think everyone can understand that!

We went on a hike the likes of which I haven’t been on since I was a kid and went hiking in Mammoth on the regular. I couldn’t stop talking about how clear the sky was, how clear the water was, and how bugs kept flying near my ears (which always results in me flailing around and shouting). I’m sure I sounded like a total city slicker, ha! It was really beautiful though, and I’d love to go back, but I’d like to go back better prepared. Mostly, I’d need to be prepared to be without internet and PHONE service for the duration of our stay (which I absolutely wasn’t), and Tyler needs some hiking gear (converse don’t really cut it!).

We came back into Boise on Thursday, and Tyler and I actually got a DATE! It was the second date we have had in over a year and a half, so it was much needed. Friday we had the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner, and Saturday was the wedding!

Top:1) The photo wall at my in-laws. 2) Laelia and Ty at the rehearsal dinner.3) A photo of a young Tyler that makes my heart go a-flutter. 4) Laelia being diva-ish (not something I am encouraging!). / Middle: 1) Mommy and me. 2) The invitations I designed for this wedding. 3) Family photo! 4) And the ceremony. / Bottom: 1) Laelia’s infamous pout at the Altar 2) Tyler and the groom 3) Laelia munches spaghetti 4) Our poor man’s version of TV in the car on the ride home.

The wedding started at 7pm, and it was almost 100°! The sun sets much later in Boise than it does here in Los Angeles, so this was quite a novelty to me. I love the idea of truly late summer nights! I curled Laelia’s hair for the first time, but between the heat and a nap, they pretty much fell out before the ceremony even got on it’s way! Somehow, we  ended up with the only seats in the sun, and after the usual wait for a wedding to get started, Laelia was loosing her patience and she couldn’t stay still or stop asking for “daddy”; he was a groomsmen and oh so close to her, but not next to her. I think it was driving her nuts! So we went for a walk and missed half the ceremony, which I was a little sad about because my husband was in it, and my brother-in-law (who is a youth minister at Calvary chapel in Boise) was marrying my other brother-in-law, and I find that so sweet. But she settled down in the last half of the ceremony on her grandpa’s lap with a dum-dum, courtesy of the bride’s mother. :)

My new sister-in-law’s sister, Sarah, and I struck up a friendship while I was working on the invitations. She let me borrow her Nikon D700 to take some photographs of the wedding! Holy crap that thing is AWESOME. And her lens was beautiful. I’m just going to share the exit photo here, because I don’t want to spend hours days editing photos quite yet!

We originally intended on being there from July 21-July 30, but we had to leave California 2 days later, and come back a day earlier because my plate has just been too full and it’s really hard to get any work done when you are surrounded be tons of family that you will happily spend hours chatting with. We definitely felt the loss of the days though; we really didn’t feel like we spent enough time together when we left. I felt like I really connected with Tyler’s family–his extended family included–on this trip, and Tyler felt like he really re-connected with his family, which is so important to both of us. We felt an inkling of that when they visited for grandmommy’s memorial, but it was solidified over these 5 days. So, when we set out to depart we all got emotional, because we don’t have a plan set in motion to see them again! Unless we fly, traveling up to ID is too hard in the winter. At least Tyler has his entire extended family out here, so we can still see them regularly. But I’d like to get creative about figuring out how to see them more than 2 or 3 times a year!

Anyway, back to the mention of sporadic posting; things will be off and on until I get my kitchen and bathroom makeovers done, the redesign of my website done and live, my new invitation and design shop up and live, a couple of invitation sets done, and a new semi-secret project finished! All of this probably won’t be complete until after my 30th birthday at the end of September! When my new site is up, I plan to have a strict schedule and stick with it. It will certainly be a motivating factor! I have probably HUNDREDS of ideas for tutorials, recipes, transformations and ideas to share here, and I’m so eager to share!

Our Wedding: Bridal Party

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This is my favorite collection of photos from our wedding! I was tempted to leave this as a wordless post, because I’ve been arranging and editing these photos for so long now, I just want to hit PUBLISH! Also, I kinda feel like they speak for themselves. However, I can say a few things…
Let me tell you a little bit about our photographer, Zeke Kamm. I did not want a “wedding” photographer. Zeke is not a wedding photographer. He is a fine art and portrait photographer. I wanted the look to be editorial, and not posed. I hope I don’t sound snobby, but if I do, whatever! I can’t stand the overly posed wedding photos you see sometimes, with all the girls in the same dresses with the same hair. I’m sure some people love the uniformity of it all, but it just makes me cringe, and it certainly was not for me… Anyway, this annoyed at least half of my family. They didn’t understand what I wanted, or why I wanted it. To be fair to them, we did not get a photograph of me and my immediate family, which is something I will probably never live down… But I love the way these photos came out. Particularly the first photo in this post! The composition is so dynamic, it reminds me of a renaissance painting!
I made the headpieces for the entire bridal party, including my birdcage veil and fascinator. It cost me maybe $7 total to make. If you like birdcage veils, absolutely DO NOT buy one unless it is less than say, $10 or encrusted with flippin’ REAL diamonds. It is so insanely easy to make, and the fabric is incredibly inexpensive! I also made the necklaces and earrings the girls are wearing. I feel the Marie Antoinette inspiration came across well! More photos after the jump

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