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Underwood Farms 2012

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Well, I finally updated my computer with some more ram, and deleted 60GB of needless files, so my computer is in much better shape than it’s been in a long while! It was seriously running like molasses… :( It is an iMac from 2008, so it’s definitely not new, but I’d like to make it last me another 1 or 2 years. We were really considering buying a new computer, but we decided to give installing some extra ram a try, and then I saw how much memory I was using… I had essentially filled my HD; 412MB/413MB! Well, no wonder things were moving so slow! So now things seem to be running a little faster, which I’m happy about, because I think it will help me get back to blogging. It was taking me about 7 minutes just to open a photo or a file, and just as long to SAVE one. Doing any work on the computer has been painstaking, and I think this has subconsciously kept me away from sitting down and doing any long bouts of design or photo editing, which is sad. I’m hoping that between my computer running smoothly again, buying a new DSLR (if you remember my 20D was stolen on Laelia’s birthday!), and unveiling my new website, I’ll be back to regular blogging after the new year! (which would be two months behind schedule, but not THAT bad… ~.^) I’m reaaaaaalllllly looking forward to blogging regularly again, I think it’s good for my heart. Thanks to everyone who still visits while I’m on hiatus! I have so much to share! Wedding invitation suites! Blog Designs! Complete bathroom renovations! My kitchen is ALMOST done! (wow, I just realized all the stuff I’ve been doing when I haven’t been blogging!)


Anyway, the first thing I did to check out how much faster my computer runs was to pursue the photos that have collected virtual dust on my memory cards for months! First up, I want to share a few shots from October. We have made a tradition of visiting the pumpkin patch at Underwood Family Farms every year. I know posting pumpkin photos in December is a little silly, but better late than never! Check out last year’s photos here!

A glimpse of Tyler’s 30th via iPhone Apps

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I certainly got a little phone happy this weekend with taking photos and videos of the step by step process of how I put together some of the elements of Tyler’s party!
More photos after the jump

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