Easy DIY Ceramic Coaster Backsplash

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In the midst of our kitchen makeover, I decided to use these to create a little backsplash between the grundtal rail and the grundtal wall shelf, using some ceramic coasters that I’ve always wanted to display somehow. It was SO easy, and so inexpensive, and I’m going to share with you exactly how I did it!



  1. Gather your items; coaster, DISC hanger, water.
  2. Dab a little water on the back, un-printed side of the DISC hanger. Let it sit for 30-60 seconds until it becomes tacky.
  3. Swirl the water around to cover the entire surface area of the DISC hanger.
  4. Turn the DISC hanger over, and place it centered on the backside of the coaster. Make sure the hanging tab is right side up! Press firmly over the surface area of the DISC to remove air and ensure a secure bond. Repeat steps 1-4 until you have all your coasters ready to hang.
    *the instructions on the DISC hangers say to let the bond cure for 24 hours. I hung these coasters immediately with no problems; however, if you are hanging something heavy, I certainly would wait the entire 24 hours.
  5. If you are hanging an odd number of coasters, place a nail centered over your stove. If you are hanging an even amount of coasters, you will have to place nails 2 1/4″ to the right and left of your center mark. Hang nails 4.5 ” apart.
  6. Hang your coasters, and voila! Instant backsplash.

So, there you have it! Easy-to-clean art above a stove, and no visible hangers! What do you think?

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