Hanging Quilt Before + After and How-to

Posted by Jesyka D'Itri Marés on 5 Comments

Many months ago I posted about working on the nursery and it was a bit of a teaser post.  We were no longer using our oberland quilt after we got the laelia bedding. I thought “This quilt is too pretty to put in a closet, and it goes in Laelia’s room so well!”. We had just moved the crib to this wall (this was the office wall) and I was feeling pretty stumped about what I should hang here, and then it clicked–hang the quilt behind her crib! And it fits PERFECTLY! We used a cheap curtain rod from IKEA, and suspended it from the ceiling studs, and then I make-shifted some “curtain pockets” with quilting safety pins! And then I was a little stumped on how to finish it off, and it looked like the last photo in the college for many months.
I finally decided to finish it off with thin nails hammered in at the seams. I figured that they were no thicker than quilter’s pins, so the damage would be far less than if I actually sewed pockets in. I think it worked out pretty great, and was really easy! 
I’ll be posting about hanging the mobile soon! :)

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5 Responses to Hanging Quilt Before + After and How-to

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