Jesyka’s Pinwheel Tutorial

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Making the Pinwheel

Don’t forget your materials!

1) Take your square of paper, and create guides from each edge toward the center, about 2/3s of the way down. Mark the center. You can do this with either a ruler, or by folding the paper in half from corner to corner, and cutting along the folds.

2) Cut your paper from the edge to the guide. If you are using a paper cutter, it’s easy to align the edges across a diagonal to ensure that your cuts all point toward the exact center.

3) Punch a hole at the bottom right corner (or bottom left — just make sure its the same corner!) of each triangular flap.

4) If your hole punch doesn’t have enough give to punch the center hole, use the edge of the skewer to punch the hole. :) If you manage to punch a hole with your hole punch, place the center hold on the edge of a skewer. This helps to keep the holes lined up while we fold in the edges.

5) Put a dab of hot glue near the center. Try not to cover the skewer too much (a little is okay), or you’ll have a difficult time getting the skewer back out.

6) Place the holes on the edge over the skewer. It’s  best to go in a rotational order. Glue in between each layer if needed. Now we have a basic pinwheel! I prefer to have a more finished piece, so I like to make a centerpiece to go over the little flaps in the center.

Making the Centerpiece

7) Get out your small square of paper and corner punch.

8) Punch those corners!

9) Using your hole puncher, punch a hole in the middle.

10) Add a bit more glue to the center.

11) Place the small paper over the skewer. I like to place it so a corner of the small paper is in the center of each flap. Take the pinwheel off the Skewer.

12) Place an eyelet in the center. Use the eyelet setter to really help it stick together, and keep it sturdy. The pinwheel is done and we are ready for the next stage!

Making the Pinwheel Stick

13) Place a small dab of hot glue at the blunt end of the bamboo skewer.

14) Cut your ribbon at a 45° angle and place the edge flush against the top of the blunt end of the skewer to get the ribbon to twist nicely and evenly around your skewer. To ensure you have enough ribbon, do not cut the ribbon from the spool until we are done wrapping.

15) Continue wrapping the ribbon around the skewer.

16) Place a small bit of glue at the tip of the skewer.

17) Cut the ribbon after you wrap it around the glue. Now get out your wooden beads!

18) Place the bead on the end of the skewer. Add some glue to make it stay! (not shown).

Assembling the Pinwheel

19) Slide a couple of beads on to the pinhead.

20) Next, slide the pinwheel on, front facing the pinhead.

21) Pull the pin through the back.

22) Add a few more beads to the pin.

23) Stick your pin through the ribbon-wrapped skewer about an inch and a half down from the blunt edge. If you’re having trouble, use an ice pic or a nail and hammer to start the hole. :) At this point you’ll want to make sure it spins, so blow on your pinwheel. If it gets stuck, you’ll want to add more beads between the pinwheel and the skewer (you can see how I added a fourth bead to ensure that it spins nicely).

24) Using your wire cutters, trim the excess pin.

25) There will be a little knub left, which could cut someone, so;

26) Put a dab of hot glue over the knub to protect fingers. You could cover with another bead or another piece of ribbon if you want to distract from it.

27) Glue a bead on the top, if you have not already done so.

28) And we are done! Admire your completed work. :)

Laelia’s Favor

The pinwheels now live in an aqua beaker on a shelf!

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13 Responses to Jesyka’s Pinwheel Tutorial

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  3. Mary Ellen Bell says:

    It’s me again… Thanks for being so helpful! :) I am now wondering if you used scrapbook paper or wrapping paper to make the pinwheels for the birthday party. I went all over town today looking for cute scrapbook paper and came back home empty-handed with two fussy daughters. :) If you know where you got them or names it would be GREAT!!! Thanks!

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  5. Fara says:

    Hi Jesyka!
    Love this tutorial! Is perfect! Love you nail polish too! ;)
    Paper Pinwheels are my “Craft of the day” today and I chose your tutorial and photo to share it with my readers. I hope you like! Thanks for these amazing tutorial and photos! (I made all the proper credits and put the links to your tutorial and photo.)
    Check it our here:

    If you have any objection with this post, let me know. I respect very much others people’s jobs and photos.

    cariños from the Caribbean,


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  7. Sarah M. says:


    I absolutely LOVE these!!! Sounds crazy… but you aren’t interested in selling them are you? LOL I am having a party and would love to make them, but I just don’t have enough time, so I thought I would ask! :)


  8. So sorry for the delay in my response! No, I’m not interested in selling them right now, because they take so long to make and I have SO much going on right now I can barely keep up! I’ve been composing ONE blog post for almost 2 weeks now… :(

    I think your best bet might be to ask a seller on Etsy to make them for you! Good luck!

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