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Zoey’s First Birthday!

Posted by Jesyka D'Itri Marés on 7 Comments

Welcome to Zoey’s first birthday post! I’m sure you remember my friend Andy whom I introduced you to in my post about her and her work, and who took photos of Laelia’s birthday for us. Well, we essentially did a little trade, and I took photos of her sweet daughter’s birthday party! This was my first experience ever photograph-ing an event. I don’t really consider myself a photographer–I don’t know a lot of the technical stuff that goes behind it. I only somewhat understand how the camera works. BUT, I certainly know how to use photoshop and I’m definitely an image-maker, so I think it worked out well enough! I’ve discovered recently that I really love photography, and photo styling, I just didn’t realize how much until I started blogging!It’s probably needless to say, but I was in heaven shooting this party. Everywhere I looked there was an awesome frame to be made! Andy and her husband Danny, with the help of their family and friends, put a lot of effort into this special day for Zoey. I asked Andy a few questions so we can hear from her directly! More photos after the jump

You’re invited to Zoey’s first birthday

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Please join me next week, when I will be featuring Zoey’s first birthday party! I had the honor of photographing her party, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Here is what Zoey’s momma,  Andy Richards has to say about these amazing invitations:

I designed in illustrator, printed them myself and then cut all of the teeny-tiny, teensy-weensy flags out and hung them on their own twine banners :). Then, along with my sister-in-law, Josey, we stitched each invitation onto a piece of burlap. There is something so fun about mixing textures. I think it gives an invitation so much character! Since the party was going to be in our backyard, I really wanted to convey a fun, laid-back mood for the celebration and burlap gave the invitations the cozy kinda feeling that i hoped for. :)

We lined each envelope with bright, colorful patterns and colors. All of the fabric and paper I used were in my collection already, so besides a couple spools of thread, I didn’t have to buy anything! The garden of love forever stamps debuted just in time to send the invitations out and they added the perfect touch.


Aren’t they awesome!? I adore them!

If you’d like to hire Andy to design you an invitation, please check out her etsy shop! She’s also selling this design as a printable. :)

First Birthday Inspiration Board

Posted by Jesyka D'Itri Marés on 7 Comments

1) Tissue Garland inspired by Confetti System; to be assembled on a crafty day! (image: Confetti System).

2) My own Oberland Quilt from Anthroplogie; perfect for babies to play on, not perfect for muddy shoes, but this is machine washable! (image: Anthropologie)

3) 60s Print Liberty of London Platter from Target; I own it.

4) Pastel Beach Balls; to be tossed about during the party. Buy at least 3! Also maybe some of these.

5) Cake stands for dessert & finger food display; I own these exact three, plus another 4, so I think we are good… (Yes, I’m kinda obsessed with cake stands).  (image: Martha Stewart)

6) Cupcakes? I might to similarly decorated sugar cookies, and buy a cake from Porto’s bakery. (image: rainbow and cupcake cupcakes by Hello Naomi)

7) White vintage high chair; for Laelia to eat her  first cake in a special chair and have tons of balloons and ribbon tied to it. I’m in the middle of sanding and priming a chair that was in Tyler’s family–His mom said it was Blake and Olivia’s (his youngest siblings), but the manufacturer’s sticker says 10-11-82, putting it right around when he would have been starting solids!

8) Large, HUGE, round balloons. I kinda wanted these for my wedding, but I think it works better for this theme.  (image: Laura Baron, Martha Stewart.com)

9) Fabric bunting; I’ve been meaning to make one for Laelia’s room anyway! (image: Kate Landers Events)

10) Mini candy buffet? I already have the apothecary jars from my wedding candy buffet (which I still haven’t seen a photo of–and I never saw it at my wedding. /insert eternal sad face here) the cake stands, and I could make all the cute little labels easily, I just don’t know if I need it. This goes in the category of “If it works out, it works out, if not, nbd”. (image: Kate Landers Events)

11) Paper Pinwheels! I love how these double as decorations and favors. Also to be assembled on a craft day. (image: Jaimee Rose,  Michael McNamara, AZ Central).

12) Teal Floral Bliss Tunic by PerryFinalia; I finally picked a dress. I have loved this Amy Butler fabric forever, and I know I won’t get around to sewing a dress for her myself, and I think this is the perfect solution! Maybe I’ll knit a little shrug like I did here, but I think I’d be okay buying something too. I have a lot of freelance projects coming up…

13) Painted Fancy Frames as a photo prop; I have a few frames  (currently sans artwork) I could paint like this, and I’m sure I could find some on free craigslist or from friends and family. (image: can’t find original source. I know I’ve seen it on pinterest, please leave a comment if  you know it! Thanks!)

Yay! Now I have all my ideas in one place, and I can get started on the invites. Woo!


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