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Hallway Update

Posted by Jesyka D'Itri Marés on 5 Comments

I’m posting a hallway update, like seven months after I posted my hallway inspiration. I’m trying to make good on posting progress pics instead of only posting before and afters… I don’t know why I feel like everything has to be totally finished before I post one photo! That’s just silly. We all learn more by seeing the process and transition! First, a reminder of what the hallway looked like before we decided to tackle it:
… And my little inspiration board:
Now let’s see how far we’ve come!

More photos after the jump

Hallway Sneak Peek

Posted by Jesyka D'Itri Marés on 2 Comments

Just thought I’d quickly share this instagram on my blog! The hallway is slowly but surely comin’ along, and I have the arduous task of going through my photos! Meanwhile, I’m still painting the living room, organizing our bookshelves, need to install a light in Laelia’s room and I can’t stop daydreaming about what our kitchen will look like. OH! Yeah. And Laelia’s birthday planning is going ignored! ONE. PROJECT. AT. A. TIME. !

Hallway Inspiration…

Posted by Jesyka D'Itri Marés on 4 Comments

I know I haven’t revealed my new living + workspace yet (because it’s not done!), but along the way, I’ve decided to give my hallway a lift too. I always had vague plans for it; I want to put up wedding and family photos with a little artwork and a nice mirror, and I thought about getting a small flush mount chandelier, but as I still have yet to go through all of my family + wedding photos, I have never really been terribly motivated to do anything about our completely drab and increasingly neglected hallway. That was until a few months ago and I kept seeing all of these beautiful dark walls all over the place… suddenly I knew exactly what I was going to do.
 1) Dark walls + “low” chair rail - I realized that my hallway is the perfect place to have the drama of dark walls. You can see the hallway from all the other rooms in the house, and it would bring a lot of life to such a small space. What’s even more exciting is that my dad had some extra moulding lying around that was leftover from a friend’s project, and he offered it to us when I mentioned that we needed some moulding to make a frame for our projector screen. When we had the frame for the projector screen cut (more on that another day), there was enough left over for the breakfast nook (more on this another day too!), AND there was enough left over for the hallway! So, I get to make an ancient dream of mine happen, and that is to live in a house with moulding! Also, I’m really excited that it was free and we get to learn about installing moulding which will be a valuable experience for us, I’m sure. We are also installing it lower to the ground than you usually see chair rails, but my gut was telling me I should install it lower. After I read this article, I had the assurance I needed to move forward with this idea. Essentially, higher chair rails tend to make a room look squat and short, and since I long for–but don’t have–14 foot ceilings, I don’t want to make my rooms look any shorter than they already do…
(image source: This was perhaps the single most inspiring thing I saw in regards to my hallway, and it is frustrating that I can’t find the original source. I found it via pinterest, and it has been pinned via various blogs. The closest I found to the actual source was this blog, which says it was found via livingetc but it just links to the website not the actual page the image was found. :( Pillow-mint also posted it, but doesn’t have the original source either. If anyone has more info, please let me know! ) More photos after the jump

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