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How to Hang a Mobile

Posted by Jesyka D'Itri Marés on 1 Comment

Today, I’m going to show you how we hung our favorite blabla knit mobile! :) A few people have asked me how we hung it, and we had to re-hang it since we moved the crib after we moved out all the office furniture, so I figured, “why not photograph it?”! Also,  I felt I should share it as a part to sharing the quilt wall. I took this opportunity to paint the wood block white and gold. I don’t know why I ever even stained it black in the first place! What was I thinking… You can revisit what it used to look like in the old office|nursery tour.
1: Museum Putty
2: Wood Block Moulding, with a 1/4″ hole drilled into it. (We did this ourselves, they do not come pre-drilled).
3: A large paperclip!
4: A Staple Gun
5: A cute mobile!

Step 1: Straighten your paperclip, but leave the smaller curved edge.

Step 2: Slide the paperclip through a hole in the knitting at the length at which you want your mobile to hang, so as not to damage the mobile string.

Step 3: Insert the paperclip into the hole.

Step 4: Pull the paperclip and the mobile string through the hole, but do not free the string (there should be two strands of string).

Step 5: Staple the string to the wall at the point where the paperclip was. Be sure the staple goes around the string, not through it. (This is Tyler’s hand!)

Step 6: Make four balls of museum putty.

Step 7: Place one ball of putty at each corner.

Step 8: Pull the wood block up to the ceiling while keeping the string taut. (I was doing this one-handed so I could photo it, but you get the idea, right?)

Step 9: Secure the woodblock in place.

And it has never fallen even once! :)

Hanging Quilt Before + After and How-to

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Many months ago I posted about working on the nursery and it was a bit of a teaser post.  We were no longer using our oberland quilt after we got the laelia bedding. I thought “This quilt is too pretty to put in a closet, and it goes in Laelia’s room so well!”. We had just moved the crib to this wall (this was the office wall) and I was feeling pretty stumped about what I should hang here, and then it clicked–hang the quilt behind her crib! And it fits PERFECTLY! We used a cheap curtain rod from IKEA, and suspended it from the ceiling studs, and then I make-shifted some “curtain pockets” with quilting safety pins! And then I was a little stumped on how to finish it off, and it looked like the last photo in the college for many months.
I finally decided to finish it off with thin nails hammered in at the seams. I figured that they were no thicker than quilter’s pins, so the damage would be far less than if I actually sewed pockets in. I think it worked out pretty great, and was really easy! 
I’ll be posting about hanging the mobile soon! :)

Laelia’s First Birthday

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I can’t believe Laelia’s birthday was already a month ago! I feel like it was just yesterday that we were rushing all over the house and then all over town getting everything ready! I have to admit, I was pretty stressed out right before, and I had a pretty good cry right before we started to set everything up; I was over an hour later than I had wanted to be; I was already running late, and I had to get gas (for some reason, this is my least favorite chore), and then my the zipper on my dress broke on when I sat back down in the car. I should have known better; I was wearing a vintage dress that I had modified myself (à la new dress a day), but the zipper had already broke once, and I am probably 20lbs heavier than when I was when I originally modified the dress! So obvious huge sadface there… (but I will be revealing the dress on this site one day! With a NEW zipper! lol). There are a plethora of things that I wanted to do that didn’t happen. I forgot to order the paper straws, I left my freshly painted ornate frame at home (so much for lucky number 13 on my inspiration board!), and I didn’t have all the candy prepared for the candy jars…

Tyler left earlier than I did because 1) we couldn’t fit everything into one car 2) I needed to finish some stuff up and 3) he was going to make a claim on the spot we picked out weeks before. It was probably the first amazing day we’ve seen in a while in Los Angeles, so Griffith Park was packed! We didn’t get our spot but we got this little cove that I  was secretly hoping we would get, despite the lack of easy access to bathrooms. (I even think it  would be a magical place to get married). We had a medium size helium tank, and we ran out of helium before we finished blowing up all of our balloons! We had 3 left over 36″ balloons, and the entire bag of 12″ balloons… We were still setting up when our first guests arrived, but everyone was happy to help! We quickly forgot all of our early setbacks as things started to get going. :)

My awesome brother Nick and his awesome girlfriend Katie volunteered to pick up the cake from Porto’s in Glendale. If you live in the area and haven’t ever been there, please do yourself a favor and make the trip. Everything there is muy delicioso and they have such great prices! We ordered the chocolate parisian cake for the lower tier, and the white cake with strawberry cream filling for the top tier. The white cake was specifically for Laelia, and whatever other (freaky) people out there who don’t like chocolate… My awesome mom brought some homemade guac and deviled eggs and watermelon and all sorts of other goodies, and my cousin-in-law Becky (of the nature shower invites) somehow managed to cook up some tri tip, with 4 kids under four (including her newborn twins!), and a sick husband! I’m sure her teenaged daughter Marin helped a little though (she is sling riding in a photo below).  Katie and my bestie helped me and Tyler put together the pinwheels and the tissue garland the night before… And of course Andy came through with some AMAZING photographs to capture it all (if you’d like to see more, check them out on flickr)! Laelia’s birthday wouldn’t have happened with out these people!

We are so grateful for our friends and family that came together to help us celebrate Laelia’s first year of life. Love you all! xoxo

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*All photos (except the group photo with the large balloons) were taken by Andy Richards of Inkoeht Design*


First Birthday Inspiration Board

Posted by Jesyka D'Itri Marés on 7 Comments

1) Tissue Garland inspired by Confetti System; to be assembled on a crafty day! (image: Confetti System).

2) My own Oberland Quilt from Anthroplogie; perfect for babies to play on, not perfect for muddy shoes, but this is machine washable! (image: Anthropologie)

3) 60s Print Liberty of London Platter from Target; I own it.

4) Pastel Beach Balls; to be tossed about during the party. Buy at least 3! Also maybe some of these.

5) Cake stands for dessert & finger food display; I own these exact three, plus another 4, so I think we are good… (Yes, I’m kinda obsessed with cake stands).  (image: Martha Stewart)

6) Cupcakes? I might to similarly decorated sugar cookies, and buy a cake from Porto’s bakery. (image: rainbow and cupcake cupcakes by Hello Naomi)

7) White vintage high chair; for Laelia to eat her  first cake in a special chair and have tons of balloons and ribbon tied to it. I’m in the middle of sanding and priming a chair that was in Tyler’s family–His mom said it was Blake and Olivia’s (his youngest siblings), but the manufacturer’s sticker says 10-11-82, putting it right around when he would have been starting solids!

8) Large, HUGE, round balloons. I kinda wanted these for my wedding, but I think it works better for this theme.  (image: Laura Baron, Martha Stewart.com)

9) Fabric bunting; I’ve been meaning to make one for Laelia’s room anyway! (image: Kate Landers Events)

10) Mini candy buffet? I already have the apothecary jars from my wedding candy buffet (which I still haven’t seen a photo of–and I never saw it at my wedding. /insert eternal sad face here) the cake stands, and I could make all the cute little labels easily, I just don’t know if I need it. This goes in the category of “If it works out, it works out, if not, nbd”. (image: Kate Landers Events)

11) Paper Pinwheels! I love how these double as decorations and favors. Also to be assembled on a craft day. (image: Jaimee Rose,  Michael McNamara, AZ Central).

12) Teal Floral Bliss Tunic by PerryFinalia; I finally picked a dress. I have loved this Amy Butler fabric forever, and I know I won’t get around to sewing a dress for her myself, and I think this is the perfect solution! Maybe I’ll knit a little shrug like I did here, but I think I’d be okay buying something too. I have a lot of freelance projects coming up…

13) Painted Fancy Frames as a photo prop; I have a few frames  (currently sans artwork) I could paint like this, and I’m sure I could find some on free craigslist or from friends and family. (image: can’t find original source. I know I’ve seen it on pinterest, please leave a comment if  you know it! Thanks!)

Yay! Now I have all my ideas in one place, and I can get started on the invites. Woo!


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