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Posted by Jesyka D'Itri Marés on 1 Comment

Last June I parcitpated in #stripemania, which was a fun virtual blogging party hosted by   Holly Becker (decor8where everyone shared photos of themselves wearing stripes. Then Holly pinned each photo and created a neat visual blogroll via on pinterest. Now she’s hosting #discomania, where we wear shineys! I’m excited to participate again (even though I’m doing it last minute again)! Check out my sparkle! I hung a quick banner I had left over from a party; at first I kinda wanted to use one of my  tissue garlands, but I didn’t feel like unscrewing them from the ceiling. Then I was thinking of cutting some circles out of some mylar paper, but I found this in the process and just went with it! So easy and it came out great! My sequined fly away is from Forever21. It is so stretchy and comfy, you would have no idea by looking at it! I love that it has a great fit and is 3/4 sleeves. Mmmm….

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